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How to Remove Negative People from your Past

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How to Remove Negative People from your Past

Almost every single one of us has made some questionable choices in the past. I still do, but not quite like I did when I was younger.

I had a couple of rather negative romantic connections and some friends who have done me wrong. Relatives are the worst, though.

I have no doubt that many of you have persons in your past that you regret or maybe you have not been able to let go. Maybe you have been hurt or taken advantage of. Whatever the reason, you probably have someone you would like to remove from your energy.

A good ritual for cutting ties to the past is simply burning them.

You will need a few sheets of paper, a pen, a lighter or matches and a small cooking pot. A candle and incense could help, but are not necessary. If you choose, use wintergreen essential oil, myrrh or pine incense and/or a black candle.

If you do choose to use essential oil, begin diffusing it before you start the ritual. Same with the incense and candle, light them first.

Begin by writing the name of each person from your past with whom you desire to cut ties on a separate sheet of paper. This need not be limited to former romantic partners, it could be siblings, cousins, friends, your own father or any other man or woman who has wronged you in some way.

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As you write each name on a separate sheet of paper, take just a few moments to reflect back on what that person did to you and how they made you feel. Do not dwell on this but do take some time to acknowledge it for each person.

After writing that person’s name on a sheet of paper, you could either fold up the paper to symbolically wrap them up and bind them from causing you future pain or you can choose to leave the sheet unfolded so you can symbolically look them in the eyes as you finally banish them once and for all.

When all names have been written down, gather them in a pile and reflect back on your past. Take several deep breaths with your eyes closed.

Then speak aloud, “I take back my power from thee. Going forward, I am my own person, this I say so shall it be.” Repeat this at least three times getting a bit louder each time, if possible. If you feel the need to say it more than three times, then do so. Say it until you truly begin to feel it. If you can, finish by shouting it to simply take back your power.

From there, move to your stove where the small cooking pot and lighter/matches should be ready. Take each piece of paper, one at a time, and light it on fire. If you can, visualize the person whose name is reflected on the paper. See that person and visualize them leaving your energy and shrinking away as the paper burns. Be careful to not hold the paper too long. Drop it into the cooking pot before it burns you. Take as much or as little time as you feel necessary to fully remove that person from your energy. Do this for each sheet of paper you have prepared.

When all sheets have been burned, express aloud a prayer of thanks to your higher power that you are now back in complete control of yourself, your life and your choices. Just stand there over the cooking pot allowing yourself to feel the gratitude and simply revel in the fact that you are now free.

You are now free to move forward without allowing the past to weigh you down.

Whether you choose to include a candle, incense or essential oil to help you in the above process, know that the true power comes from your intent. Your intent to simply take back control.

When you feel content with the entire process, you may either bury the ashes in the farthest corner of your property or in a cemetery or simply throw them away. Just know that those persons no longer have any control over you.

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  1. Hi Tamara,
    Thank you, I love this.
    There are people I want to let go of entirely.
    Then there are people I would like to do this ritual for but who will remain in my life but with boundaries. I would like to do this ritual to separate the past from today with them. Is the ritual for this and do you think it wise to use it for this? Thank you !

    1. Rebecca, instead of burning those who are to remain in your life, do everything up until the burning then just put their names on pieces of paper in freezer safe baggies of water then hide the baggie(s) deep in your freezer. That will work to neutralize them without removing them.
      Thank you for reading.

  2. Hi Tamara, Denise here, I had lost my job in March due to covid 19 and was wondering if I would be returning or even if the business/restaurant would remain open, or should I be conserned and start looking for another job.

    1. Unfortunately, Denise, I am not able to address questions or concerns in the comments section. I would be happy to do a live reading with you through chat or phone the next time I am logged into the line.
      Thank you and blessings.