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How to Unlock Someone’s Psychic Ability

Each of Us is Born with Some Kind of Psychic Ability

Ever experience deja vu, the feeling of having already experienced the present situation? Had a sinking suspicion that something was wrong and it actually was? Sensed the phone was about to ring only seconds before it did?

These are all experiences that almost each one of us has had at some time in our adult lives. When you have had such an experience, did you ever wonder if there was more to it than a simple gut feeling? What if you possess your own psychic ability? What would you do with it? Would you opt to grow it or just accept it for whatever it may be?

I believe that each one of us is born with some type of psychic ability. Many people refer to these abilities as gifts; however, I think “ability” is more fitting as it is something that just comes naturally to each of us.

Few people choose to nurture these abilities for one reason or another. More often than not, this reason is because they were not encouraged to develop these abilities as a child. Many people were even shamed when they expressed being able to see, hear or sense things that could not be easily explained.

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Child Intuitiveness

These abilities will often manifest before the age five and are usually strongest in children between the ages of two and four. Parents and grandparents may have noticed a toddler staring off into space and sometimes talking to themselves during play time. Maybe you have heard your youngster seemingly carrying on a conversation on the baby monitor when you know there is no other person in the room. It is believed that these children are actually communicating with deceased persons or spirits/entities.

I firmly subscribe to this belief and have worked with many parents who have shared similar experiences with me in regards to their own children.

Many believe that such young children are more susceptible to communication from those who have passed because of their innocence and because no one has yet tried to discourage them.

As a medium, I have been told by my own guides and spirits I have worked with that it is just easier for them to talk with children. The children do not get scared and they do not judge. They are simply open to receiving whatever the spirit or entity has to share.

My own mother passed from cancer in December 1987, more than 30 years ago. My five-year-old niece often talks about a pretty woman with long, dark and wavy/curly hair. She tells of picking flowers with this woman in a big field and quite a few other activities they share together. Upon questioning, my brother (her dad), my sister-in-law and I all firmly believe she is interacting with my long-deceased mother. The details my niece provides are just too strong to deny. When we first became suspicious of what she was experiencing, she pointed out a flower and said, “That is like the flower me and Grandma painted.”

My niece’s middle name is the same as my mother’s; however, my mother went by her middle name while my niece goes by her first name. One of the conversations she told her parents about that she had with this woman was of their shared middle name.

If you observe a child in apparent conversation with a spirit or entity, talk with that child about his or her experiences. Ask questions and encourage them to share with you the communication. If a child were to come to you wanting to tell you of a spiritual exchange, please talk openly with that child. Also know that it is never too late to try and develop your own abilities with the right guidance and an open mind as well as the desire.

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