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How Weinstein And Cosby Got Away With Sexual Misconduct For Decades

How Weinstein And Cosby Got Away With Sexual Misconduct For Decades

It is becoming a common headline now within the high ranking officials of Hollywood, corporate offices and politicians. Long standing sexual harassment and misconduct gone unreported and the victims kept in silence by a code of shame, judgement, fear of careers ending.

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein and comedian and actor Bill Cosby committed the shameful behavior of taking advantage of young pretty woman at their most vulnerable times. Weinstein took full advantage of his power as a Hollywood mogul who could make or break your acting career and Cosby, who knocked out his victims with drugs and raped them. How could this have gone on for three decades and not been brought to light until now?

Weinstein is incredibly rich, powerful and had tentacles in every nook and cranny of Hollywood life. Along the way, he made a lot of careers for a slew of big name actors, directors, writers and others in the film industry. They owed him, and they owed him a lot. This bought a lot of silence.

Many in the industry admitted that they had heard the rumors, knew the victims or were victims themselves of Weinstein’s sexual avarice. It was again the classic case of see no evil, hear no evil and, especially, report no evil. This was the same pattern with Bill Cosby. His alleged rapes, drugging and victimization went on for decades and many heard the stories or had first-hand knowledge of his alleged acts.

Many of the victims themselves screamed foul. In some cases, they filed police complaints. This all fell on deaf ears. The deafest ears of all was the legal system. Wealthy guys like Weinstein and Cosby play the system by spreading lots of cash around and shelling numerous settlements with the alleged victims. The victims agree. The courts agree. Their attorneys agree. The price for this is again silence. The victims are legally bound not to speak publicly about the alleged sexual abuse.

Justice is Deaf

This silence has another dangerous consequence when the allegations of abuse by men such as Weinstein and Cosby when it eventually becomes public. The question is always asked, why now? Why did they keep quiet for so long? This makes the victims and their claims suspect that it’s all made up to ruin reputations or a shake down for money.

The Iowa Law Review in March 2014 gave an answer. It found that rape is routinely underreported in dozens of cities. The rape claims dismissed out of hand with little or no investigation. The result was there were no report, no statistical count and no record of an attack. The study zeroed in on the prime reason for this, namely disbelief.

It’s that disbelief that assures that men good standing men such as Cosby and Weinstein are reflexively believed when they scream foul at their accusers. They attack them as liars, cheats and gold diggers or ridicule and demean them as sluts. Then of course the payoff in hush money settlements and the screams are even louder that it was all a shakedown operation in the first place, and the victim is further demonized.

When they are accused of sexual harassment, abuse or rape, the gasps of disbelief ripple not only through the perpetrator’s family but friends, associates, law enforcement and the courts. Cosby and Weinstein are the classic textbook examples of how men who have allegedly committed rape and sexual harassment routinely get away with it. For years they had their arsenal of high-priced attorneys, agents and influential entertainment pals who turned a blind eye for them. They bought public goodwill by becoming noted, influential philanthropists. Cosby gave millions to black colleges and universities and loaned out his pricey collection of African-American art to major galleries. Weinstein bankrolled university film and art chairs, women’s studies programs and packs of Democratic political candidates. This is how the Weinstein’s and Cosby’s got away with it.

Psychic Susan Z’s Reading

As I have mentioned in other articles about the new Aquarian energy on earth now…exposing secrets to light is one huge effect the new high energetic time brings. More and more woman are stepping into their power with the attitude of “you can call me what you like or accuse me of ‘wanting it’ but I KNOW what happened and I was taken advantage of and I want justice!” You will be seeing more and more exposures coming into the public eye. Women aren’t afraid of going public and standing up for what is right! Regardless of the power you hold or the money you have, a sexual predator is just that!

Card One: The Lovers

These shameful acts of a sexual predator is all about longing to be loved. A perverted sense of it, yes, but still the need to be wanted and desired and willing to use their power to get that need met regardless of the damage it does to the receiver of the unwanted sexual attention.

The Lovers

Card Two: The Sun

Joy and optimism. Was a little shocked to see this card pulled but realized it was representing the relief and joy of the women who finally get to speak out and not be in fear of retaliation.

The Sun

Card Three: The Emperor (Inverted)

A male energy who likes being in control, needs to be always right and can also be cruel if they do not get what they want. Since pulled inverted, it is an obvious card for both Weinstein and Cosby that their days of abusing their power over women are over.

The Emperor (Inverted)

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