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How Will You Look Back At 2018?

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How Will You Look Back At 2018?

With 2019 ahead of us, holding all our hopes, expectations, desires and dreams, it is important to look back at the year you are leaving behind. The forward energy is somewhat like reincarnation, if you have not resolved burdens, hurt, anger and negative talk, then you will carry it forward into the next year. Many have been challenged this year with unexpected disappointments.

But bear in mind that there is balance and symmetry to the universe.

So that means for as many things that possibly did not go well, there were also many good things that came to you. It is impossible to live a life where every moment makes you not happy unless you allow it to. Those cantankerous, hateful, vindictive people did not get that way overnight and certainly were not born into it.

According to a study featured in the The Review of General Psychology and the New York Times, negative thinking is likely a huge factor in why humans survived as a species, since our ancestors who were more attuned to the dangers and bad things around them were the ones more likely to survive and pass on their genes. So, basically this is why we may have trouble seeing the positives in life and looking on the bright side. Staying positive doesn’t just make us happier, it effects our health and creates our future.

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Below are 7 helpful tips to resolving the year you just left behind and looking forward to the year ahead.

  1. When you are working on a positive attitude, think back on who brought only negativity into your life in 2018. No one is perfect — and perfection isn’t the goal when it comes to positivity, but if there were people in your life who were consistently negative, who constantly brought you down in 2018, then stop spending too much time with them.
  2. Share all the positive things that happened to you in 2018 with others. The more you speak positively about circumstances, the more positive energy you create and absorb. Make a resolution to be nice to other people, don’t gossip, write thank you notes and be kind to all living things.
  3. Search for the silver lining in any negative situation that may have happened to you in 2018. They say out of all bad things, something good will always come from it. Ask yourself the questions: “what did I learn from this experience that helped my growth, are you stronger from dealing with a situation, find the good that came from it, even if it does seem small. Look for that silver lining. It’s there if you allow it to be.
  4. Practice gratitude everyday. Think back to the past year and if you have to, write down every single good thing that you experienced. Starting from the nice guy who changed your flat tire on the highway, you got those new shoes you have been coveting at 50% off, your friends surprised you with a birthday dinner, you woke up…still breathing and capable of making a new day better.
  5. Keep your facts straight. Make sure you when you review the past year, you do not embellish the adversity to more than what it was. Stop making statements that aren’t true. When you use the words like never, always, worst, constantly, etc., it is an untruthful exaggeration. For example: Do you always lose your cell phone or have no money? Of course not. You may be in that situation frequently, but not all the time. Never say there is no solution to your problems as that is not true. It just has not arrived or you haven’t figured it out yet. If it really has been an unfixable problem, then why are you considering bringing it into the new year?
  6. Pick out something positive that happened to you in 2018 everyday for the first month of the New Year. When negative thoughts start weighing you down, just identify one great moment, one moment of unexpected happiness or good outcome. Picking a positive thought to focus on when the negative thoughts are getting you down, enables you to switch gears away from the negative.
  7. Move your dreams and desires leftover from 2018 into the New Year and give the universe a second chance and more time to see them become a reality. Stay focused on the New Year being better and more of all the good things you experienced from the last. You will carry those positive hopes and expectations forward into creating an exciting New Year!

Susan Z’s Verdict

I personally have made a New Year’s resolution of not saying that I am glad 2018 is over. Challenged or not, every year brings both its share of happiness and troubles. Some of those troubles may even follow you over into 2019 but try also to remember how many resolutions and good things that worked out for you last year. Carry that energy forward into the New Year! Happy New Year!

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