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How Your Favorite Colors Become A Personal Healing Therapy


How Your Favorite Colors Become A Personal Healing Therapy

Healing modalities often revolve around the color spectrum of the Chakra system. These healing techniques are also called Chromotherapy but mostly called color therapy. There is the laying of corresponding chakra color cloths on each chakra to break up energy blocks, crystal color healing therapies with the precise stone color matching the chakra blockage and also color light therapy. Each technique is powerfully effective in bringing about a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and balance.

The colors we like best are the colors we most need in our lives and provide us with subtle vibrational help. Each wondrous display of colors that define the world around us are manifestations of light and each possesses a unique frequency. The attraction we feel to certain colors is not a matter of pure chance as we are drawn to the beneficial effects of a color even when we cannot visually see them. We are naturally drawn to colors that lift our mood, expand consciousness and restore health.

When we pay attention to the potential effects of individual colors, we can modify our spaces, wardrobes, and habits to ensure that we introduce the colors that speak to us most deeply in our everyday lives. Each personal color we choose carries a frequency that can bring you more balance and harmony. Visually we react almost immediately with the 4 senses being affected on some level. The colors you choose to wear, paint your walls, put plants in your home or work area all have a direct vibrational effect on you.

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Psychological effect of different colors

Listed below are the primary colors and the psychological effect of why you choose those colors for personal balance.


This is the most basic color of all in healing. Green is the great color of balance, which harmonizes the flow of prana or universal life force, throughout the psychic centers. The color green puts off vibrations of coolness, growth, money, health, tranquility, harmony, calmness and fertility. It can also hold the color of envy.


Yellow is the color which signifies wisdom. Any mental tiredness, no matter how it shows itself, will be relieved by the use of yellow if concentrated on to small areas of the body. The color yellow is uplifting, represents happiness, laughter, warmth, optimism, intensity, attention attracting and sometimes will express hunger, frustration or anger.


This stimulating color promotes good circulation, blood pressure and support to any organ in the body. The color orange gives off vibrations of happiness, energy, excitement, enthusiasm, warmth, wealth and prosperity, sophistication, change and stimulation.


Bright crimson red is even a more potent stimulator than orange. The color red sends out vibrations of love, romance, gentleness, warmth and comfort, energy and excitement. Representing the color of blood which is our life flow and wanting to live life to the max!


The color blue is a cool color and can help people to sleep who suffer with mild insomnia. For more severe cases a low wattage dark blue light in the bedroom has proved beneficial. The psychological effects of being drawn to blue is calmness, serenity, cool demeaner, wisdom, loyalty, truth teller and very focused. It can sometimes indicate an uncaring energy.


Violet or purple is of high spiritual content. The violet or purple tones represent a personal energy of royalty, wealth, sophistication, wisdom, exotic, spirituality, prosperity, respect and sometimes mystery.


Being drawn to white is an energetic vibration of purity, innocence, cleanliness, needing personal space, neutrality and in some cultures representing mourning of those who have passed through white light.


The color pink is associated with feminine energy and youth. It is also a subtle signal of romance, love, gentleness, calming demeanor and in some instances, an underlying agitation with life.


The color black is actually not a color but the absence of color. It is the preferred color of city dwellers and considered a sophisticated and hip color to wear. The vibrations that come across in your preference for the color black is one of authority, power, intelligence, (yes, it is slimming), mourning and of course, the misrepresented banner color of evil.


This color is considered a color of walking the fence. It gives off the vibrations of neutrality, no time constraints, practical and non-committal.


Being drawn to the brown hues reveal the vibrations of reliability, stability, strong friendship, warmth, security, organic and can also represent sadness or mourning in some cultures.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

There are always exceptions to the rules and the effect of the environment you live your day to day life in. For Example: If you are in a tropical location, wearing black all the time would make a strong statement of defiance with all the pinks, blues and yellows floating around and if you wore all your tropical colors in say, NYC, you should prepare yourself for a lot of stares, snickers and probably a mugging as you will stand out like a tourist. I lived there, I know.

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