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Important Lessons We Learn From Failed Relationships

failed relationships

Important Lessons We Learn From Failed Relationships

Almost all of us have had our hearts broken or disappointed how a failed relationship turned out. We review what might have gone wrong or why the relationship did not last. We mourn the loss of what could have been, or we say good riddance to the ass we got involved with, or we wonder how things could have have turned out differently. Well, the hard truth to those thoughts is that if it was meant to work out and dealt with in a healthy manner, it would have.

Here are some real live comments made to professionals, about the lessons they learned from failed relationships. Some are pretty obvious, some coming from deep down in the soul, some in anger but still lessons learned all the same.

  1. “Waiting for a man to change is the biggest mistake a woman has can ever make.”
  2. “If they are not ‘what’ you want in the beginning, move on and don’t waste a lot of your precious effort and time trying to make them fit.”
  3. “Self-love is the foundation of any relationship.”
  4. “No matter how good you were together at one time, when the other stops choosing you, it’s over. Also, no matter what you’ve been through… you gotta thank them for the memories.”
  5. “Don’t ever expect a cheater to change. If she or he is always looking for attention from others after all you give, it’ll never be enough.”
  6. “Never beg someone to love or be with you, because if someone truly and utterly cares about you, they will treat you as a priority.”
  7. “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other and how many ups and downs you’ve shared. If he decides to leave and turn his back from you, there is nothing you can do. But you can always regain your balance, so long as you have NOT lost yourself in the process of losing him. Above all, love and respect yourself.”
  8. “No matter how much you want your relationship to be your last, you cannot force someone to stay if they choose to give up on you. Also, you can’t force something that isn’t meant to work out in the first place.”
  9. “Love yourself more than you love him.”
    “Love yourself more than you love him.”
    “Love yourself more than you love him.”
    “Love yourself more than you love him.”
  10. “Sometimes it’s better to let go and move on than to fight for something that only one of you truly wants.”
  11. “Having to prove yourself will never be a guarantee that he will choose you!!! Love yourself!!! That’s who you have first, last, all you have! YOURSELF!!!”
  12. “Some may be more suited for you than others, and you may think you found the perfect person for you but the ONE is a myth. I don’t believe anyone who says they found the ONE because the person you found is someone you liked best from the pool you were exposed to, and not the entire population on the planet. Obvious gross incompatibilities aside, there is no ONE perfect person for you that you need to constantly be in search of.
  13. “Don’t be too dependent on your emotional needs from others. Love yourself enough that you need not to look for love from others.”
  14. “Learn to forgive no matter how much the person caused so much pain and how hurtful it is. Forgiving is always associated with forgetting. Forget in a way that you move on and keep moving forward, even if that person is no longer with you in crossing those paths. Forgive and forget will give you peace of mind.”
  15. “Be brave enough not to sacrifice your self-respect in a relationship.”
  16. “Never expect anything from broken promises.”
  17. “Continue living with your dreams no matter how broken or how devastated you feel you are.”
  18. “Don’t ignore the red flags that consistently show up.”
  19. “I always tell myself there’s no such thing as a failed relationship…it’s just two people whose paths were only meant to cross for a little while.”
  20. “Always go with your instinct if someone doesn’t feel right for you…and walk away rather than settle or expect them to change…and ALWAYS learn something about yourself from that experience to be better informed in the next one!”

Susan Z’s Verdict

Heartbreak sucks! There is no getting around it! As long as you accept the experience as just that and not a judgement of yourself, you have the chance to learn from it, even from a relationship that hurt you right down to your toes, you can still pull something good from it. These comments were a short pull from 250 women who understood their participation and accountability in their failed relationships. Absolutely Awesome!

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  1. I personally learned this I was married for 18 years , it was hard to see that he no longer loved me, that he had moved on to something else, it took me a lot of time to realize that it was no longer a two person relationship, through counseling and tears it took me along time to love myself again, now it’s only a matter of time to find the one ❤️