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Increase Your Spiritual Growth with a Journal

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Keeping a Spiritual Journal

Last week, I spoke about keeping a journal as a tool to help with self-improvement. Today I wanted to delve into more detail about what exactly that entails.

As a child did you ever have a diary with a lock and little key? Did someone gifted you with a journal, yet you put it aside thinking someday I’ll use it? Perhaps, you’re wondering how useful journaling really is? If a journal wasn’t productive, people wouldn’t have been keeping them for decades.

The number one benefit of a spiritual journal is it releases all those thoughts that are stuck inside of your head! It’s impossible to grow spiritually if your mind is bogged down with gunky thoughts! Some of those thoughts are negative, obsessive, or downright bonkers, which may cause you to laugh hysterically upon reading what you have wrote. When you observe what you’ve written, it could trigger an emotional release, too. A journal aids you to discharge what is stunting your personal and spiritual growth.

Another method to eliminate stinking thinking with your journal is to write down a negative or fearful thought, replace it with a positive thought, allow yourself to respond to the positive thought, and repeat this process until you feel free from your fearful or negative thinking.

Here’s an example: I’m going to be single for the rest of my life! Everyone on Earth has a soul mate. Well, I’m not everyone, I’ll never find anyone. God and the angels are arranging your partner to come into your life. Are you kidding me, what about the last date I had with that jerk! The jerk was a fluke, focus on your spiritual growth, self-love, and the right one will come in…

Hate writing?

You may be thinking, “Well, writing in a spiritual journal may work for you, Pamela, but I despise writing.” Got it! Some people don’t like to write; therefore, use another method to journal.

Here are some examples of different types of journals:

  • A journal app on your smartphone or tablet; however, back it up after each use to avoid losing valuable information.
  • A recording device for those who enjoy speaking.
  • Mind mapping whether that is with an app or pen and paper.
  • For creative types you could: paint, draw, or write a song.
  • A collage where you cut out pictures from a magazine and glue them onto a piece of paper.
  • Pinterest secret boards are useful to use pins to construct a journal board.

There are other uses for a spiritual journal besides letting go of your inner critical thoughts and negative feelings, which are:

  • Connecting to God, Goddess, Jesus, Buddha, angels, or whatever you choose to call a Higher Source.
  • Using it as a daily gratitude journal for at least three things you’re grateful for.
  • Formulating goals for the year, which can be updated or crossed off once the goal is achieved.
  • Recording your dreams of the nighttime to assist you in learning the secret language of your unique dream symbols and meanings.
  • Keeping a log about your love life.
  • Recounting your travel adventures.
  • Documenting your psychic readings to reflect back on.

Pamela’s Verdict

Whatever style of journal you choose to be done in a manner that pleases you, it’s important to journal as much as you possibly can. A toast to journaling to increase your spiritual growth!

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