Incredibly Clear UFO Sighting – Can It Be Real?


Russian Video Shows UFO Engulfing Another From Above

I personally am a believer there is other life forms out there and most polls on the question of: “do you believe in aliens and life on other planets?” show that 49% of people believe the possibility exists. Some places in the world more so than other such as Peru and the mid-western United States.

Lots of grainy videos exist and they’re always accompanied by audio of the video takers in the background expressing their honest shock! And of course there’s the mysterious 1947 Roswell alien crash that supposedly stashed away a crashed aircraft and dead alien bodies. That event became a government secret immediately with a few pictures here and there secretly released but never any concrete proof.

It also seems like they take place in clusters, where you hear about numerous similar sightings of unusual flying aircraft around the same time. Again, these are discovered by the public through those infamous fuzzy pictures and videos.

Now we have another video that will make you really question what the hell is that? Even though most people would love to prove that aliens exist, it’s difficult to convince non-believers, especially when most alleged sightings are presented by seemingly unreliable sources.

When it comes to UFOs, seeing is believing! Which is exactly why people were completely bewildered by this recent footage of a strange encounter in the Russian night sky.

Whether you’re a believer or not, you have to admit, this video is something completely different from the usual grainy shots and is one of the clearest ever!

A Diamond in the Sky

The mysterious video in question was recently filmed in Yakutia, Russia and it shows a fluorescent, diamond-shaped UFO seemingly appearing out of thin air. The object continues to hover high above the trees for several seconds. The video was filmed by an unknown man, though someone named Semyon posted it on YouTube.

“An unidentified flying object was seen floating above houses. It had many lights on and also a vapor trail,” he said in an interview about the footage. “At the end of a short video, a diamond-shaped ‘window’ opens up above the flying object, which disappears into it,” Semyon continued. “There is no information about when and where it happened.”

You can see the larger diamond-shaped UFO above pulling the smaller one to its light. For obvious reasons, this video has caused a fuss with many people all across the globe. Non-believers are looking for any possible reason to debunk it immediately, while believers are hoping that it will finally prove we are being visited by other worlds. For what purpose? Let’s hope they are keeping an eye out on us so we don’t blow ourselves up or are helping us in some way to stop us from destroying the planet with pollutants and plastics.

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

One has to say this is a fairly convincing video but until our visitors choose to make their identity known to us, (although you must wonder why would they, as all our movies have us dissecting them on a table) it is all up to speculation and once again…. either you believe or you don’t. With so many videos, photographs and crop circles that show up, I feel strongly those in denial and believe it is a hoax, do so because of fear.

King of Swords:

This is the energy of a contract made and advice given. It can also represent a cruel person. I feel this card was drawn not from our earth perspective but from the alien’s perspective of keeping an agreement to not reveal themselves in order to not initiate a panic and also their perception of us as a cruel and less evolved species.


I believe this card was drawn to represent the obvious that any alien life form that might be visiting earth on a regular basis is far more advanced that we are. We are still crowing about landing on the moon and the mars probe pictures, let alone space travel.

The Hanged Man:

Representing a surrender of victim energy and past mistakes. This card may have been drawn in reference to our alien visitors waiting until they feel earth inhabitants will not feel disadvantaged or threatened by their presence. Also, it could denote past encounters with us that have not gone so well.

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