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Infidelity: Who’s Cheating Who?


Infidelity: Who’s Cheating Who?

Cheating! This is one topic that raises its head more frequently than we would wish. The question of cheating seeks attention for a variety of reasons during psychic readings.

What constitutes cheating and does it mean separation?

There are many things to consider when offering guidance of this nature. All couples have their own definition of what cheating means along with their very own line in the sand. The general consensus is that when a partner violates the trust of their significant other, with someone of their preferred gender, it’s classed as cheating. What would be acceptable for one couple would feel like the ultimate betrayal for another.

In a committed relationship, if the ground rules have not already been put in place then it leaves things open to ambiguity, especially if one partner makes the assumption that you both think the same way without having had a prior discussion. Of course, love shouldn’t be about rules and regulations but the fact remains that healthy boundaries early on in a relationship avoid potential heartache later.

For anyone who suspects their partner of cheating with no actual proof, consider what may have prompted these suspicions. Is a partner spending more time at work or working away more? Perhaps they’re taking more time than usual over their appearance and have a new look. Is his lordship cleaning the car more after his trips away? Does ‘she who must be obeyed’ go from ignoring you one minute to being nit picky and irritable the next?

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There’s a fine line between raising concerns and coming across as paranoid. You don’t want to rock the boat or create trust issues by planting unnecessary seeds of doubt. However, if you have noticed changes in your other half’s behavior causing you to question their commitment then would you feel justifiably concerned?

The realisation that a relationship has begun to deteriorate prompts an action regardless of whether either party is cheating or not. Speaking with friends and loved one’s without real proof might seem futile if they are supportive of you as a couple, conversely you don’t want them to take sides should your fears be unfounded. You don’t want to come across as creating issues that are not there but you know in your heart that something is not right.

Calling a Psychic for a relationship reading can feel like the first step in uncovering the truth. You want to know if your partner is cheating and may even get a second or third reading as confirmation.

The bottom line is that when someone turns investigator looking for evidence that their partner is up to no good, the toxic energies and behaviors are already underway. The relationship has started to deteriorate and the partner suspected of cheating, at this point, is not the only one demonstrating disrespectful behaviours.

Irrespective of whether cheating has taken place, the usual lines of communication within the relationship have broken down. Reaching this point becomes less about suspected cheating and more about lack of respect, lack of trust and a hit to what may be an increasingly reduced self esteem.

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Diana-Julie’s Verdict

If someone has cheated or is acting like they could cheat, then you need to consider whether there is sufficient trust to further nurture the relationship. Confronting a partner will most certainly bring everything out in the open. Consider your course of action should your fears be correct and whether either of you want to save the relationship. You want the truth from your partner but don’t want to cheat yourself out of a wonderful future together due to insecurities or a lack of healthy communication. For the person being accused, whether you cheated or not your partner suspects you did. If you want the relationship to continue, tell them that you love and care for them but ultimately the accusations are hurtful. Work to redefine what you expect from one another. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, you can’t put it back.

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Diana-Julie is an international life coach and spiritual counselor.  She has worked with numerous people globally in their quest for personal empowerment and manifestation of dreams. A Reiki Master and natural healer, her personal passions of writing and spirituality serve to assist in removing obstacles for those seeking her guidance.

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