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Interactive Love Reading

We’re a month into spring already! Time flies, doesn’t it? This is your interactive love reading for the week of April 22nd.

If you don’t have experience with interactive readings, let me explain real quick how it works!

All that you have to do is take a deep breath, focus on your situation, and choose one of the three cards on the image above to get your love forecast. Ready?

If you have set your eyes on a card already, the next step is discovering the message behind it! Scroll down to see the cards revealed!


Love Reading 3

If you chose number one, your card is The High Priestess…

The High Priestess is a call to self-care for single people. This is not the week to download Tinder or go on a date, but it can be a great moment to do something nice for yourself such as having lunch in your favourite restaurant or enjoy a long bath. For complicated relationships and particularly those who are involved with a person that is married or in a relationship, you will feel left aside during this week and it is possible that the behaviour of your love interest makes you rethink the whole relationship.

For those who are in a settled relationship, The High Priestess is encouraging you to think about your own individuality. This doesn’t mean that you have to be selfish or neglect your partner, but that you and your significant other would benefit from nurturing your individual needs during the week and as a result your relationship will grow stronger. If you are going through a break-up, this week you will get confusing or mixed messages that could bring back emotional pain, don’t enter the game!

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If you chose number two, your card is The Two Of Wands…

There could be an interesting romantic opportunity in your social circle if you are single. Perhaps you have been looking for some spark everywhere and turns out that there is a potential candidate right besides you! If you are in a complicated relationship, things will not progress very much during the week. There could be a brief encounter with your romantic interest, but it is likely to be unsatisfactory and leave you wanting more.

Those in a romantic relationship will experience a peaceful environment this week. Some plans will be canceled or postponed, but it will actually be a relief and will bring you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your significant other. Take time to appreciate your relationship as it is, it is not a good moment to think about the next step! If you are going through a break-up, take a deep breath before trying to reach out to your ex, forcing a conversation could end up being quite messy.

If you chose number three, your card is The Moon…

There’s a romantic vibe in the air this week, but also the energy of The Moon brings confusion and misunderstandings, while this can be a great moment to meet someone new, take the rapprochements that you receive this week with a pinch of salt until they prove to be consistent over time or you could be lead to believe that there’s a deeper interest than there actually is. Difficult relationships could be even more confusing this week and it is not a good moment to try and have conversations about the current status of the relationship until the energies are more propitious for clarity.

Those in a romantic relationship will experience a bit of a honeymoon and it is a great week to dedicate time to sexuality and intimacy. In the event that you have a gut feeling about your partner keeping something hidden from you, it could be time to get to the bottom of it. Those that are going through a breakup are very likely to receive a confusing message from an ex this week.

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