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Interactive Tarot Reading

Welcome to your Interactive Tarot Reading of the week! If you don’t have experience with interactive readings, let me explain real quick how it works!

All that you have to do is take a deep breath, focus on your situation, and choose one of the three cards on the image above to get your love forecast. Ready?

If you have set your eyes on a card already, the next step is discovering the message behind it! Scroll down to see the cards revealed!


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If you chose number one, your card is The Page Of Pentacles…

Single and looking? The Page Of Pentacles suggests that you may come across as too distant when trying to engage in conversation with someone that you like or that you could seem to have very high expectations very early on and it sorts of creates certain tension. Try to loosen up and take it less seriously for better results! If you are in a complicated relationship, you are perceived as caring and patient, but this can be turned against you, because this doesn’t force your romantic interest to make a decision.

If you’re in a relationship already, The Page Of Pentacles is calling you to plan some time together. Perhaps you are already used to being together and if you can’t do something now, there’s always later. However; this can make your partner feel that you don’t prioritize them. If you are going through a break-up, it’s time to take a patient and analytic approach towards the situation and be objective about whether or not there’s something to fix.

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If you chose number two, your card is The King Of Cups…

If you are single, you may get lucky very, very soon! Watch out for suitors that might not be your style at first sight but who have more to offer. Your ideal partner could be someone you wouldn’t choose yourself at first sight. If you are in a situationship, things are likely to get warmer during this week and there will be conversations about feelings. If you are in a complicated situation with a married person, though, they are likely to turn to their family instead.

If you are in a relationship, The King Of Cups says “Count your blessings!” Remember the times when you were praying to be with someone? Take time to appreciate your partner and to put some effort into the relationship so it thrives. If you are going through a break-up, there are still remanent feelings, though it would be wise to wait for things to calm down a bit before trying to fix anything.

If you chose number three, your card is The Two Of Pentacles…

If you’re single, it’s better that you don’t take it very seriously this week! It can be a prolific week on Tinder and you may score a couple of dates, but beware of players and don’t get your hopes too high, at least for now! If you are in a situationship, The Two Of Cups suggests that you are not the main priority of your love interest and that they might be seeing other people or at least open to the idea, and they are likely to put some plans before spending time with you or cancel last minute this week.

If you are already in a relationship, you might be juggling with too many things at the same time, and you and your partner might not be splitting responsibilities fairly. Some rearrangement in this area could help the relationship flow better and increase your overall happiness. If you have recently split-up with your partner, you may hear that they have been seen with someone else.

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