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Interactive Tarot Reading

Welcome to your Interactive Tarot Reading of the week! This is the last Tarotscope of June and Summer is in full swing! Oh, what a time to be alive! Ready for our weekly Tarotscope? Leeeet’s do this!

If you don’t have experience with interactive readings, let me explain real quick how it works!

All that you have to do is take a deep breath, focus on your situation, and choose one of the three cards on the image above to get your love forecast. Ready?

If you have set your eyes on a card already, the next step is discovering the message behind it! Scroll down to see the cards revealed!


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If you chose number one, your card is The Lovers…

This card might sound self-explanatory, but not all that shines is gold, so keep reading! If you’re single, you will be particularly lucky this week and your moves are likely to receive more attention than usual. If you’ve been eyeing someone in particular for a while, the energies are right for you to take your chances! If you are in a complicated relationship, The Lovers can be a bit of a double edged swords. If your person of interest is exclusively with you, chances are there will be a moment of closeness and opening between you, while if they are non-exclusive or in a relationship with someone else, a break-up or distancement is likely to occur.

If you are in a relationship, things will go smoothly for the week and you will find time to spend together and even to dedicate to intimacy and sex. Those going through a break-up have a chance of reuniting this week, though it needs to be taken carefully.

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If you chose number two, your card is The Four Of Swords…

If you are single, The Four Of Swords is calling you to retreat from the dating scene and think about what your priorities are in the area of love, a short break can help you go back to the hunt with a clearer mind. If you are in a complicated relationship, it is as well time to stop and think about the sitaution. Is this relationship making you happy? If you’re clinging on a hope and there are no actual sign that things between you are progressing, perhaps it’s time to change your strategy or simply retire.

If you are in an established relationship, this card is encouraging you to take some time for yourself and to rest from your daily duties. Me time is necessary, and sometimes in order to boost that awesome relationship, you need to put your needs first and do what needs to be done to be in an optimum state of mind! If you’re going through a break-up, there will be no communication or movement in this area.

If you chose number three, your card is The King Of Wands…

If you are single, The King Of Wands indicates that it’s time to go all-in in your search for love! Fortune favours the audacious, so be courageous and put yourself out there, the result may amaze you! If you are in a complicated relationship, there are chances for an intimate encounter during the week. However; It will be passionate, but it may raise your hopes when there’s not much substance behind it.

If you are in a committed relationship, this card speaks about the importance of being unexpected in your relationship and surprising your partner. This could be specially positive if you try something new and enticing in the bedroom. For those going through a break-up, be careful with the messages that you exchange with your ex and think before getting carried away by anger.

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  1. Well my card hit the spot! Time to think and change strategies and he wont come back!