Interactive Tarot Reading – Sep 10th 2019

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Here is your Interactive Tarot reading for the week. Every week you get to send a message to the universe to show what lies ahead for you when drawing a Tarot card for the upcoming week.

If you have never done this kind of reading before, it is very simple. I have always loved readings where you pick your own cards and let the cards chose the answers for you.

Look at the image above and relax, focus on the first card that draws you in and that card will connect with your personal energy. Ready?

Once you have picked your card, you can scroll down to see it revealed then read the information for the week that carries your journey with it.





From the Tarot cards chosen this week, it appears to be the week you will have the opportunities to address what makes you feel small, less than, your fears of failure and have an opportunity to take a good look at what is making you feel unhappy with yourself or your life around you.

I was a little taken aback at how strong the cards were in the energy of facing our crap and healing one’s personal fears but as the cards unfolded, I could see how the outcome of your choices this week could change your whole life to the better.

Everything is about going inward this week and having the opportunity to either pursue those answers on your own or the universe putting it square in your face so you can’t miss the obvious. You can be shown and see but until you accept that you are a participant in your feelings like a victim and not just a receiver, nothing will change.

It will be an interesting week of “aha” moments but most of all, giving you a peek of your possibilities to be the amazing person you are, without doubt. Unload the baggage!

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Tarot Card Draw #1 The Devil (Reversed)

The Devil card really gets a bad rap and misunderstood, something like the Ten of Swords thinking (hell hath arrived at your doorstep and everything seems to be going wrong) is most people’s interpretation of that card. The Devil card is an opportunity to look at your unfounded fears, not created by you but given to you by someone else as a young child. Being pulled reversed is definitely an excellent sign that you are going to put your big girl panties on and take on an issue, a partner, a boss, a friend or family and set something straight that you have wanted to do for a long time. It doesn’t have to be the “Drama Queen” moment when stunned silence hovers in the air with mouths hung open, it could be as simple as finally telling your partner that you really, really, hate his new haircut! And then it could be a momentous life changing conversation of walking out of that partnership for disrespectful treatment. And with Virgo energy, it could just pop out of your mouth before you even realize you said it and that old saying applies, “Once you see and hear it, you cannot un-see or un-hear it.”

Tarot Card Draw #2: Five Of Pentacles

Pulling the Five of Pentacles for this week falls in line with this transformational week. This card points out there are things within that you feel about yourself that might not be so positive and you look to the outside of your persona to deny those negative emotions, beliefs and feelings that you hide within. Only bringing those feelings out when your buttons are pushed. This card reminds you loud and clear the only belief you should have about yourself is yours. You can write over any negative crap you were given growing up that you are not amazing. There will be a few opportunities for you to show your awesomeness! Don’t let your attachment to the good opinion of others stop you from telling and showing the world how awesome you can be. It can be as small as standing up for yourself to a rude waiter to finally telling your big sister and/or mother to stuff her judgement of how you can’t do anything right. This card can also give you a heads up to do a little maintenance on your health and your eating habits. Throw the case of soda out and try something a little healthier. Your body will love you for it.

Tarot Card Draw #3: Nine Of Swords (Reversed)

If you have drawn the Nine of Swords, the message here is to stop worrying about everything you cannot control and even the things you can control. Take the daily inspiration that you have lots of help you brought with you in this incarnation and if you ask for help and then learn to surrender and trust, the outcome will somehow turn out in your favor. Pulling the Nine of Swords in reverse is a reminder that excessive worry brings on anxiety and depression, none of which you need or want. Trust and faith are the big answer on this card and knowing that you deserve to get a break once in awhile, win every so often and be on top of the mountain most of the time if you choose to do so. You will have the opportunity this week to have a few or several situations that will challenge your choice of worrying about what you cannot control or shrugging your shoulders and saying, “Somehow with the help of the universe, this will work out ok.” The interesting thing about the Nine of Swords is that it is the small irritations that throw us down the rabbit hole of worry, not so much the big challenges. We instinctively understand when the challenge gets really big, WE NEED HELP! But the little day to day things that frustrate and piss you off is the real test for you this week. Shrug them off and keep your sense of humor that Murphy’s Law of “If it can go wrong, it will” shows up almost everyday. Let your higher self show that you are bigger than the petty crap and handle it with humor and courage.

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