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Interracial Couples in Today’s Society

interracial couples

Interracial Couples in Today’s Society

How do you react when you see a couple who are of different races or colors? Perhaps your family and friends had an influence with your viewpoint? Would you be open to a multiracial love relationship? Society response to interracial couples ranges from extreme prejudice, indifference, or openness.

As a whole, society viewpoints towards racially mixed couples are beginning to become more accepting than it had in the past. Even a few television commercials portray interracial couples. This might have influenced when Barack Obama became the United States president. Or our multiracial celebrities such as the Halle Berry, Dwayne Johnson, and Alicia Keys; who are all extremely attractive.

We humans seem to be in a new age of revolution that will embrace all people, despite their outside appearances and where they came from; however, we have a long way to go… Whenever societies mindsets need to change there are always challenges. Yet, despite obstacles couples of different colors, races, and religions manage to form relationships.

Let’s examine five potential pros and cons of being in an interracial relationship.


  • Discovering true love that exists despite each other’s differences.
  • Experiencing a new culture that is different than yours.
  • Choosing the best of both worlds.
  • Moving beyond other people’s opinions.
  • Becoming more open minded.


  • Finding out about you family and friends’ opinions or criticisms.
  • Dealing with prejudices from strangers.
  • Having your traditions ignored.
  • Increasing your chances of being a victim of a hate crime.
  • Explaining to your children how some people won’t accept them because they’re multiracial.

All love relationships have challenges, and interracial couples often add another layer of obstacles. Could you be wondering why people would bother to go through the hassle when they can find someone else of their own race and color? Because real love goes beyond the shells we souls incarnate into.

Think about it, if our souls reincarnate, why would we experience the same sex, religion, or race over and over? Rather, our souls would need to encounter other cultures and sex in order to grow. When two people of different cultures are in a relationship; their souls are learning more rapidly.

You can dodge this relationship for fear of what others will think; nonetheless, karma will get you. If not this lifetime, then another. This is what happened to a female relative of mine, who I will call Victoria.

When Victoria was a teenager (in the 60’s), a black classmate and she fell for each other. Although, after a discussion, they both agreed it would cause too much havoc in their lives. Fast forward to 2010, Victoria’s children were grown, so she divorced her white husband. Destiney brought her former classmate back into her life. Older and wiser, they decided to marry one another despite the opinions of others.

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Pamela’s Verdict

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were more like animals? Have you ever seen a black dog ignore a white dog because of the color of its fur? Of course not! Instead, the internet is filled with animals’ pictures and videos of not only the same species, but also of mixed species. We humans could learn a thing or two from the animal kingdom.

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  1. Where’s the rest of the story??? It ends with c”Victoria” marrying her other culture love from decades ago?

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