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Introducing James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

Introducing James ‘ Mad Dog ’ Mattis

Introducing James ‘ Mad Dog ’ Mattis

Introducing James ‘ Mad Dog ’ Mattis. During the presidential campaign last year, Mr Trump claimed to be the toughest guy who would rebuild the US military so big, so strong, so great and so powerful that there would never be the need to use it. He also said that the US would have a president who was respected by Putin and respected by Iran.

Enter James ‘ Mad Dog ’ Mattis’ whose role in the Trump administration is that of Secretary of Defence. I’m sure that the retired Marine Corps General is someone that many would wish to have on side should there be a threat of war. 66-year-old Mr Mattis is described as having an aptitude for military strategy as well as a gruff demeanour, his aggressive views over Iran were reportedly harmful to his ‘relationship’ within the Obama administration.

Mr Trump experienced military high school which he believes has given him more military training than a regular and properly trained soldier. I think Mr Mattis might beg to differ. Obviously, no sane person would wish to declare war on the United States since it is already a nation with the most powerful military in the world spending more in this area than both China and Russia. How would Mr Trump rebuild his US military to make it the best in the world? I mean, what’s wrong with it?

Mr Mattis is known for his plain talking, one of the more colourful quotes attributed to him is ‘Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.’

Let’s leave the last word to Mr Trump, ‘Nobody’s going to mess with us, folks. Nobody.’


Véronique’s Verdict

Today’s cards drawn are the Tower, the King of Pentacles and the Strength card.

The Tower
This represents the new administration and the new order. Many of the media reports pertaining to war have been unnerving to say the least. There is currently an inevitable and unpleasant transitional period and although no-one wants to hear the new president talk about war, it is something that has to be addressed.

The King of Pentacles
This represents Mr Mattis. There is a predictability and a sense of accuracy in what he says. He is hard working and steadfast in his ways with few social graces, but this is a man who can get the job done, cleanly and efficiently, should there be a need in the future.

The Strength
This card tells us that Mr Trump has no desire to start a war and that in the face of any threatening situations, he would negotiate calmly and with reasoned logic.

Mr Trump has handpicked his team believing that the best person will be placed in the area where their strengths may be used in the best manner. It’s still early days for the Trump administration with much more work to be done.


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