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Can your intuition save you from danger?

Can your intuition save you from danger?

Can your intuition save you from danger?

This might come as a surprise, but you don`t need to be a psychic to develop a sixth sense. All of us are born with natural gifts. The only difference is that some of us are a bit more tuned in than others. It doesn`t mean though that with enough practice, you can`t predict danger yourself.

How many times did you think about an old acquaintance, and in seconds the phone rang? Or you might have been walking on the street, and by a sudden urge you stopped. And just like that you avoided being hit by a car. There might have been a voice inside your head telling you to stop. But it isn`t always as clear as that.

Normally it takes one second only to decide whether we listen to our intuition or not. And, most of the times, it guides us into the right direction. But we don`t always listen. Have you ever felt like you knew something would happen, but you were afraid to believe it? Deep down you knew that you needed to make a different choice, but you forced yourself to stay rational. Not listening to that inner voice usually makes us regret it later.

But what is intuition exactly? And is it always right?
Again, there are many different interpretations of the term. While some say it`s the message of our Guardian Angels, others believe that it`s our subconscious sending us messages. Whichever conclusion you draw, intuition is a very powerful and essential part of our lives. You might have witnessed it on a small scale, but it has no limits.

Ways to improve your intuition
There are common practices to help enhance your intuition and sixth sense. One that I recommend is very simple, yet effective. All you need is a pack of cards. These can be Tarot or Oracle cards, but simple playing cards will do, too. The most important thing is that they have images on them, ones that you can memorize easily.

Take your time to familiarize with the cards. The fewer you have, the better. You can always increase the amount later. Dim the lights, and light a candle or two. Having the elements nearby also helps to connect with the Universe and your inner self. Sit comfortably in your favourite chair. Being comfortable and relaxed are the key here!

You can meditate or simply relax your mind and body, selecting ten cards. Examine them, look for patterns that you can recall later. Now close your eyes and shuffle the cards, placing them on the table, face up.

Take the top card into your left palm, placing your right hand on top of it, embracing the card. Try to feel which card it is. Without opening your eyes, recall as many details as you can. Try to connect to its energy. Keep a journal to mark down your progress. Don`t worry, it will take time to get it right.

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