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Is Chris Brown a bad Dad?

Chris Brown

Is Chris Brown a bad Dad?

Chris Brown has come out to say the mother of his child “Nia Guzman” is using him as a meal ticket. Recently he hit the headlines over an arrest following an altercation with her at his house. She seemingly filed a complaint to child services after the standoff with cops. This led to his arrest with a deadly weapon. They have repeatedly fought over child support and custody of 2 years old Royalty. With Nia frequently coming up the loser.

Now, Chris Brown and Nia Guzman, tt’s time to stop the fighting. There is a two-year-old who will soon be listening and understanding everything you are saying. Never underestimate how children feel and understand things. The last thing you want is for her to feel responsible because the two of you are linked through her. No child should feel like a mistake. There is no doubt that you both love the child. Now step back and prioritise. Her happiness should come before your pride. The time to think about maintenance is at the conception. We all have choices. Once we make them, we then need to learn to live with them the best way possible.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

I’m addressing this reading to Chris Brown and Nia Guzman.

The Six of Coins indicates the dispute regard the child maintenance. Really there should be no dispute. Your child’s needs should be without question and be top priority even over your own needs. It’s time for two adults to start behaving like two adults who have a child. Her future should be the reason you exist. You chose to bring her into this world, now bring her through it the way she deserves.


The Nine of Wands shows the emotions around this child. She has a lot of love from both sides, but there is no meeting point in the middle. It’s like she can only receive it from one parent at a time. That’s fine when she’s two but she will soon be asking questions and you will need answers. It’s the questions she won’t ask which will be the biggest worry. Children have wild imaginations and hurt easily.


The Eight of Cups. There is a lot more love in common here than there is hate. You have a young lady who loves both of you. That should be enough to encourage you both to build a bridge to find common ground. Peace needs to be made. Time is running out. The way things stand, she could grow to be an angry young lady. Why? because she is being dragged between the two of you. Find your peace and make your peace for her at least.

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