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Is Fear Of Getting Hurt Stopping You Finding Love?

fear of getting hurt

Is Fear Of Getting Hurt Stopping You From Finding Love?

In many readings, the big question is “when will my true love come into my life?” Of course, the kind of man you pick is always a big factor. Our definitions of love, as we were shown and taught growing up, are the foundations of how we choose partners. I have said it a thousand times, if you keep on getting the same results and you are the main factor in every situation, then it is you that should take a good look at what you call a relationship. Evaluate what are you willing to do or give up just to have a relationship in your life?

The point I am trying to make here is a simple card spread, “The Devil” card next to the relationship tarot card. If it is line with your wish card, marriage and relationship card, it shows me immediately that you want a relationship but scared as hell if you actually get one. Why? Lots of reasons but they are there. Being alone but looking for love, you are in control…. lonely or yearning…. but still in control. Once you actually make that bold move to start getting close to someone, many times our fears from the past get in the way and we see shadows, bad behavior and negative assumptions where there are none.

Below are listed some of the feelings and subconscious thoughts that will come up when thinking about being involved in a long-term relationship. You may not even be aware that you are self-sabotaging what you most dearly want because of your past hurts and those high defenses.

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You’re afraid of falling in love with someone and to break your heart AGAIN! We are all afraid of getting hurt and yes, sometimes that is exactly what happens. But if you look at the type of man who always seems to hurt you, then you are on your first step to making conscious changes in your choice of a man even before a relationship can start. You bring the odds way down of getting hurt when you stop going for the bad boy who thinks he is a God to women and treats them like that. Take inventory of how you have been treated in the past by boyfriends and partner. They will ALL have the same pattern of being a jackass and you will always be the only consistent player in the game.

Whether you want to admit it or not, being single is a lot easier that being in a relationship. Being single is awesome! Your time is your own, you design your time only around you and you are not trying to please anyone but yourself. But if you want a relationship, you are going to have to change your attitude about sharing your life. This is where I tell my client that they are conflict about bringing love into their life. They want a love partner but…………OH! it’s sooooo damn much work! You like the IDEA of being in a relationship but the reality of it, you are not so sure. If a relationship is what you really want and someone to grow old with, you will have to step out of your comfort zone and make room for him in the bed, trip over his socks on the floor and have the TV on sports most of the day. The rest will fall into the good, romantic and sharing times.

From what you have witnessed so far, you fear that love is really only an illusion. You get to share it with someone for awhile but the long lasting grow old together kind of love just doesn’t exist, so why go through all the trouble. You see the happily ever after movies and a part of you inside goes; “Yeah right!” Happiness between two people is really a state of mind AND heart. I know couples that I wouldn’t have their partner with million-dollar check in his pocket (just kidding), they have issues, they fight but there is something deep down that connects them heart to heart. That special love does exist but you have to believe in it and put your big girl panties on, open your arms and heart to receive it. You can’t have given to you what you don’t recognize and is not within yourself. The old saying of “like attracts like”. Either way, don’t give up.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Falling in love is easy, being in love with yourself and have someone want to be a part of that love is what is scary. The only way love comes into your life and stays, is being as realistic about the loving relationship you have as you are with your own life. Some days are good and some days are shitty. If you get that, love can and will grow between two people into a relationship of longevity.

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