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Is it Coincidence or a Divine Connection?

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Coincidence or Divine Connection

We all know what the word coincidence or synchronicity means, it is a concept first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which states that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. It is actually a well-documented theory in science. Most of us have experienced it in one form or another, whether we acknowledge it or not. But how exactly is that perfect pattern of events being created for us and of course, why?

Out of the blue, something catches your attention, you think of someone and they call, a voice in your head tells you to wait before you step off the curb and narrowly miss being hit by a car. In a blinding flash, an inner calling or guidance shows up to change the course of your moment, day or life. A voice from the Divine – or just coincidence? Synchronicity is very similar to intuition, a deep gut feeling many of us have experienced. But there is one key difference between the two. Intuition is an internal event, an inner feeling or sense of knowing. Coincidence or synchronicity is a form of manifestation, and so it is an external event.

Anyone who has attended ‘Spiritual 101’ classes in life, knows that we came into this life journey with lots of help. We have angels, guides, inner voices, and of course the most important one…. our Divine Connection to the God Spark within that guides us through the maze we call this journey of life, the Divine experiencing it right along with us. That is what is called ‘Oneness’, without separation for all others in mankind and the Divine being that thought this life game up.

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These seemingly random coincidences or encounters seem to be “signs” that something significant just might be at work. Recently, I have heard the word synchronicity along with coincidences occurring in their lives as though they are being guided even more closely than before. In these troubled and challenging times everyone seems to be experiencing, it is comforting to know that someone has a guide map to help you traverse through the hard times and lead you to even better times.

The problem with relying too much on those amazing coincidences and synchronicity in religion, is that it can take away your own free will or your own intentions out of your life, and rely too much on the “acts of God.” For example: promoting reactivity (waiting for God) and relying instead on, “God’s must have planned this one.” Our life is a co-creating life and not a dice rolling Divine being.

So how do you know when you have run into a simple coincidence or you have been grabbed by the collar of your shirt and are being divinely guided to help you out in a life situation? The lines between synchronicity, precognition and clairvoyance are often blurred. The best way to differentiate between the two is to not put too much energy into thinking about it and follow the yellow brick road. If it feels right, comes from the heart and gut, then you can be pretty sure you are being led by a higher source. If it is just a simple coincidence without direction, it will fleetingly leave your mind in an instant. A Divine Connection will stay with you, allowing you to think about it more deeply and then act on it.

Coincidence and synchronicity can hint at your destiny unfolding, dipping your feet into the divine matrix when your life veil becomes thin or just your consciousness or connectedness creating an energetic moment. It can also be a message or sign sent from angelic beings or spirit guides, if you believe in those. Coincidences reveal an underlying pattern in the universe, a large guiding framework that helps organize our lives. It may not make sense in our rational, logical minds, but there is a strong connection all around us that we can’t see or fully understand. It taps into this connection and makes it visible to us for a moment. Coincidence and synchronicity are the Universe helping you with exactly what you need and when you need it, make sure you listen!

Susan Z’s Verdict

Here is another one of the unexplainable happenings that you either believe or you don’t. Even the most naïve of us give credit to something mysterious when you were thinking of someone and they call, you hear a message in your head, follow it and find out that it was something that helped save your life. Don’t make a big deal about it, just follow the yellow brick road and it will take you somewhere you need to go!

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  1. I have a question, I keep having dreamd and thoughts about an old boyfriend from when I was 17 I felt then he was the one! But some intereference caused this to end broke my heart. Why in the world after 40+ years would I think of him?

  2. I had a vision a few years ago and have not been the same since then. It was not a good vision, I’m not psychic, and it has changed me somehow. I don’t understand why I saw what I saw and there is more I don’t wish to make public but could really use some help and think you may be able to.