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Is Jennifer Lawrence secretly dating?

Is Jennifer Lawrence secretly dating?

Is Jennifer Lawrence secretly dating?

According to reports, Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence is ‘secretly’ dating  Director Darren Aronofsky.  Apparently, they have been working on a new project through  the summer months and the rumours say that they are now secretly dating.  Not so secret now though.  Their ‘summer project’ has been described as pretty grueling but evidently, Darren was standing by to offer support.   In Jennifer’s latest movie she stars alongside movie heavy weights, Michelle Pfeiffer and Javier Bardem.  The film centers around an unwanted guest who disrupts the life of a couple.

Jennifer has more recently been linked to conscious uncoupler Coldplay front man Chris Martin, but they separated due to his reported lack of commitment.

Aronofsky was previously engaged to actress Rachel Weisz for 5 years with whom he has a ten-year-old son.  They separated just before Weisz started dating Bond actor Daniel Craig.

Darren is 21 years older than 26-year-old Jennifer but if the chemistry is there then age is just a number. What do the cards reveal for this age-gap couple.


Véronique’s Verdict


The couple drew the Eight of Hearts, the Three of Swords and the Magician.

The Eight of Hearts represents the previous relationships of the twosome.  A lack of enthusiasm in the past has been replaced by genuine affection and the feeling that there is someone who may be worthy of efforts made.  Although there is a hesitancy born from the need to make the right choice.  

The Three of Swords is Darren’s card in this instance.  The triangle of swords has brought grief and created a void.  Trust has been destroyed and replaced by hurt. I feel that he has gone back to doing what he does best and in remembering his true identity he has reconnected with his purpose in life which has allowed him to move on emotionally.

The Magician is the mediator between past and present.  I feel that despite the unresolved emotional issues from the past, the energy between this ‘couple’ is positive with a magical element to what they share.  They’re not ready for any public declarations right now until they have an understanding of what they wish to make real.  Watch this space!


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