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Is Kate Hudson dating her ex? But which one?

Is Kate Hudson dating her ex? But which one?

Is Kate Hudson dating her ex? But which one?

Kate Hudson is famous for many things, more notably her ex’s and her amicable separations. She has maintained good relations with the father of her 12-year-old Chris Robinson, and also Matt Bellamy with whom she has a 5-year-old. Kate recently revealed to Howard Stern that she’s currently single and is looking for a guy, ‘preferably someone really hot who can make her laugh!’ Playing devil’s advocate, Stern suggested Brad Pitt… let’s not go there!
So Kate was spotted backstage alongside her ex, Dancing with the stars pro-Derek Hough. The two dated in 2014 through 2015. Pro dancer Derek has a penchant for dating beautiful actresses, more recently he has been linked with Hayley Erbert of ‘So you think you can dance fame.’ I have to say that dating an ex can have its advantages. Kate and Derek would be familiar with any cute little quirks and remember what attracted them to each other in the first place. Of course, we shouldn’t make assumptions, rather re-learn who this person is at this time. It’s likely they have both had new experiences and dated other people.
When considering dating an ex, it’s definitely worth establishing a new pattern of behavior especially if the break-up wasn’t great. Guilt trips about who did what ‘wrong’ are not allowed, although an honest discussion may help history from repeating itself. Discussing who they dated should not be up for discussion no matter how curious you may be. Essentially, if you weren’t dating at the time, you were a free agent to see and date whoever you pleased. Dating an ex can be a mistake for many. Approach it in a mature and honest manner, however, then it can work!
What do the cards say today for Kate and Derek.

Véronique’s Verdict

The former couple drew the Three of Swords, the King of Hearts and the Eight of Hearts.

The Three of Swords shows the relationship that Kate and Derek shared previously. As we know it didn’t work out for them.at that particular time in their lives. I feel that the next card provides further insight into why it didn’t work out.

The King of Hearts is very much Derek’s card and in this instance reveals a wandering eye. Kate is famous for moving on from her ex’s in the best way. The romantic feelings that Derek and Kate shared did not disappear but there seems to be an issue of trust. They have been very much aware of each other’s existence despite not acting on a reconnection previously.

The Eight of Hearts reveals a betrayal. Whether this is real or perceived, the hurt feelings remain. I feel that this couple has every chance of getting back together as long as the issues of fidelity and trust are addressed. I don’t feel that getting back together is the best option for Kate and Derek right now but they will follow their hearts.

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