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Is the future of Paris in Kim Kardashian’s hands?

Is the future of Paris in Kim Kardashian’s hands?

Is the future of Paris in Kim Kardashian’s hands?

Chief Sainte, the officer in charge of solving ‘L’Affaire Kardashian’ has said that he is confident that those responsible for Kim Kardashian’s horrific robbery will be brought to justice. It was recently revealed that the mode of transportation used by the thieves suggests that they were intimate enough with the city to know the best way to avoid security cameras and easily traceable evidence. They came and went by bicycle. We don’t yet know whether any of the suspects have been identified but evidently the police will not stop until the entire gang has been arrested.

Paris has received much negative press of late and of course we are being reminded of the incident last November whereby 130 people died in simultaneous brutal terrorist attacks on the Bataclan Concert Hall, Le Stade de France, and Bars and Restaurants in the city.
The residence where Kim was based at the time of the attack is a popular with wealthy celebrities and there is a one-to-one staff-to-guest ratio. Previous guests include the likes of Prince, Madonna, Beyoncé and Jay Z. In fact, Kim and Kanye have stayed there many times before with no issue around security. Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted with their respective party’s days before the incident.
Since ‘L’Affaire Kardashian’ Paris has lost approx. $1billion in revenue from tourism. Is the economic future of Paris dependent on the officers solving the case? One thing’s for sure, Kim has the affections of many who are praying that she will get the justice she deserves, something that you can’t put a price on.

Véronique’s Verdict

Let’s look at the cards. We have the Six of Swords, the Seven of Pentacles and the Temperance card.

The Six of Swords is the rite of passage. Love it or loathe it, social media may have been a contributory factor in the incident and I feel that it will factor in bringing the criminals to justice. This card tells of a new vista opening up to existing problems. The tumultuous energy around the incident will become a less challenging energy.

The Seven of Pentacles is the money card and the feelings of frustration around failing to determine a favorable outcome as speedily as they would like. Chief Sainte and his team will continue to work stealthily towards gaining a positive result. There have been many lessons learned.

represents many things and in this context it relates to Sagittarius, the astrological ninth house. There is an expansive energy around the case and this card tells us that the investigation is not limited to Paris, it’s an investigation on a global scale. Additionally, it’s not about quick results rather the gathering of information methodically and meticulously whilst leaving no stone unturned in order to solve the case.
There is no doubt that the case will be solved and the criminals brought to justice. Patience and timing are the key factors here. Paris will take the hit and recover and eventually Kim will have the justice she deserves.

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