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Ivana Trump out to support Donald

Ivana Trump out to support Donald.

Ivana Trump out to support Donald.

Joining her three children and eight grandchildren, Ivana Trump will be present at the inauguration ceremony to support ex-husband Donald. Although their 1977 fairy tale marriage ended in divorce and although despite both remarrying (twice) the former couple have remained good friends. During the presidential campaign last year Ivana promised to vote for the ex and predicted that he would win the election. She believes that the businessman will approach the presidency in the same manner that he approaches his businesses. Ivana says that Mr Trump has good negotiation skills and knows how to make decisions!

Is it true that Mr Trump was encouraged to run for presidency 30 years ago by a member of former President Ronald Reagan’s administration. Well, if it is, Mr Trump has finally taken the plunge and it’s paid off.

Ivana has proved that it is possible to remain on good terms with an ex. Of course, sharing three children along with a generous divorce pay-out helps keep things cordial but the likelihood is that they were good friends throughout their marriage.

So… will Ivana play a part in Donald’s new found world of politics? As she was quick to point out, she speaks to her former husband before most of his public appearances and gave him the phrase, ‘You think it, I say it.’ Indeed!


Véronique’s Verdict

Ivana drew the Five of Swords, the Queen of Hearts and the King of Pentacles.

The Five of Swords

This represents defeat. Ivana was defeated by Donald’s infidelity which led to their divorce. Although it appeared acrimonious at the time, Ivana did not waste her precious resources on revenge or blame. She moved on with the help of her lawyers and with an eye on the future. Time is a great healer.

The Queen of Hearts
This is two-fold in this context. It represents both the wife and the mistress. Ivana’s main focus was on her children and caring for them helped the healing process and provided the emotional security that she needed at the time.

The King of Pentacles
This represents Donald. His seemingly unfazed approach to their divorce is attributed to his ties with the material world. Dealing with business issues meant that he did not have to deal with the emotions of the situation and perhaps admit that he made a mistake.

Donald and Ivana were a good match through their marriage and their friendship has stood the test of time. I don’t feel that Ivana will be installed into the White House with other family members but I do feel that their current friendship will remain unchanged.


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