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J.Lo Almost Lost It After This Colombian Girl’s ‘ World Of Dance ’ Premier Performance

World Of Dance

J.Lo Almost Lost It After This Colombian Girl’s ‘ World Of Dance ’ Premier Performance

Jennifer Lopez was nearly moved to tears after watching an 11-year-old Latina’s performance during the premier or “World of Dance” on Tuesday. Diana Pombo was vying for a chance to compete in NBC’s new dance competition show, produced by Lopez. The young girl from Miami gave an emotional and impressive performance to Sia’s “Bird Set Free” that seemed to take Lopez by surprise. Nearly as soon as Diana finished dancing, Lopez asked her about her background. The preteen responded that her parents are from Colombia. “Yes, you’ve got that Latin fire, I can see it in you.” “When you took your foot and looked at me backwards and wiped your forehead with your foot and looked like your face was going to cry,” Lopez continued, trying to piece together her thoughts. “No, it wasn’t just all the flexibility you had. It wasn’t all the strength you had. It was the passion that you put into every move.” Fellow judges Ne-Yo and Derek Hough echoed Lopez’s sentiments. After their comments, Diana told the singer and dancer that she was her idol, and Lopez stood up to give her a hug. Diana wrote in an Instagram caption on Wednesday, “You have given me a gift I will carry with me always!” Diana passed through to the next round with a score of 89.7 from the three judges, which means the talented Colombian will get a chance to continue in the competition that gives the dancers an opportunity to win $1million.

Hosted by Step Up star Jenna Dewan Tatum and executive produced by Jennifer Lopez, the latest dance competition show premiered Tuesday on NBC and as expected, it was highly entertaining from beginning to end. Joined by Dancing With the Stars alum Derek Hough and singer/dancer Neyo at the judges’ table with Lopez, chic in a bright red Valentino dress and matching lips, was all smiles while meeting the first round of contestants as she made her WOD debut. “There’s been dance shows, but we wanted to create the Olympics of dance,” the singer, who was formerly a judge on American Idol, explained. “This is the chance to say, ‘I am the best in the world.'” If you haven’t watched yet, brace yourself for lots of head spins, pirouettes, back flips, freezes, never-before-seen partner lifts and more, we’re talking the absolute BEST of the best, after all!

Having Watched The Video On This Young Girl, I Have To Agree With Lopez…WOW!

Diana Sofia on instagram



Susan Z’s Conclusion:

I believe this show is going to be a long running competition show. Lopez got her start as a backup dancer and that is her real love, so watching the best pros compete should be very entertaining and a little awe inspiring that someone can actually “do that with your body?” lol!

Five of Wands:
This card is one of arguments and sometimes internal strife. I believe this card is about the difficulty the judges will have picking a winner as so many dancing competitors will be over the top in talent.

Seven of Wands:
This card is being challenged and making a stand. This card I feel represents the whole energy of the competitiveness of the show.

Eight of Wands:
This card is fast moving energy. I believe this show is going to become popular with the audience and high ratings very quickly being mesmerized by the raw talent of these trained dancers who seem to all be double jointed and with the ability to bend themselves in half with so much grace and rhythm.


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