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What did Jacqueline call Teresa Giudice of RHONJ?

Rhonj Jacqueline Laurita giduice

What did Jacqueline call Teresa Giudice of RHONJ?

Well, what would you expect of the Real housewives of New Jersey? Well if it was all hugs and kisses then you are tuned into the wrong problem. When it kicks off, it really kicks off. But then that’s why we watch it in such great numbers. Last week the drama was around Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice. And to say there was no love lost between them would be an understatement.

It would appear there was a clash of personalities between Jacqueline and Teresa. Robyn, who was a random addition to the group on the trip to Stowe, Vermont, apparently was in the thick of it. There was a suggestion that Robyn goes home put forward. While Melissa and Teresa discussed it, poor Robyn overheard it and did the dignified thing and left for home. Now girls will be girls. But the whole saga ended up with Jacqueline breaking down in tears and a standoff between Teresa and Jacqueline. Teresa called Jacqueline “manipulative and calculated”, and Jacqueline returned the compliment by calling Teresa a “F—king crazy table- flipping bitch. Well, that’s a lovely way to end a day.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the cards say about this situation, And I particularly want to aim this at the warring parties of Jacqueline Laurita and Theresa Giudice.

The Seven of Wands show this is a high energy environment where emotions will always run high. It puts you in a place where an offence can be taken very easily. And the defence will be the first and quickest action. That does not mean it’s the best choice. There is a need to let down your guard a little and try to see things from the other side. There is doubting what was said about Robyn was hurtful and in bad taste. But tearing each other up over it isn’t going to help either.


The Lovers Card is not about lovers as the name would have you think. It’s about knowing that you will have feedback from your actions and your choices. When you decide to do something, it will rebound of many others. If it a good deed, then this is what you will get back. If it is a bad deed. Then you can be sure that someone will be waiting for the opportunity to return the favour.


The Six of Cups shows that harmony must be returned. There will have to be apologies and yes some of you will have to eat humble pie. But this is the way of the world. It’s a lesson Mothers teach their children with the hope that it will stay with them for life. Prove to your Mothers that they did a good job in raising a Lady. An Outburst like this is not the talk of Ladies of class.

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