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Jana Kramer. Inner healing with dance therapy?

jana kramer

Jana Kramer. Inner healing with dance therapy?

Jana Kramer has recently appeared on Dancing With The Stars, season 23. She hopes that the show will allow inner healing as she works on her dance moves with seasoned pro-Gleb Savchenko. After separating from her husband of 15 months Mike Caussin, Jana has said that her priority is her 7-month-old daughter and she is hoping to prove to mothers everywhere that they can have everything.

Jana has said that she would like to prove to mothers out there that they can have everything. Although just what ‘everything’ means is down to interpretation. Despite it being tough, Kramer is pleased to feel more confident and comfortable in her own skin. She says that her loved ones have supported her in the best way.

Caussin is Kramer’s third husband whom she met on Twitter. There were allegations of cheating although she publicly forgave him and so they got back together. She has spoken of her marriage and of her ‘healthy marital relationship.’ Following their split, the NFL player checked into a rehab centre for reasons unknown.

Véronique’s Verdict

Jana drew the Six of Hearts, the Four of Pentacles and the Temperance card.

The Six of Hearts shows Jana reliving her past right now, the good, the bad and the ugly. She has said that she hopes the show will bring inner healing to her heart. Jana will engage in the ‘competition’ in an enthusiastic manner and she will find healing of sorts but I do feel that her focus will be elsewhere.

The Four of Pentacles reveals the lessons that she has already learned and will continue to learn. One marriage could constitute a mistake, 2 failed marriages, poor judgement. A third failed marriage at 32 years old? Yes, healing is definitely a good option before engaging in further relationships. Jana has been seeking security from her relationships. However, she manages to heal moving forward there should be some reflection on her on core values and self-worth. As we have said many times before. Material success does not equal a healthy self-esteem, this is something that cannot be taken away only given away.

Temperance asks that Jana is patient during the healing process. It is entirely possible that she will find some form of healing and I don’t doubt that she will feel better and more confident in her own skin. Dealing with the pain privately would allow her to confront her demons in a safe and secure place rather than in front of the camera’s. There is a determination from her to throw it all out there and see what sticks. This will be a work in progress for Jana. Good luck in allowing the camera to highlight the psychological flaws!

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