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What’s the news on Janet Jackson’s pregnancy?

Janet Jackson Pregnancy

What’s the news on Janet Jackson’s pregnancy?

Janet Jackson says she is elated about her pregnancy. She is doing well and following the Doctors orders. But she said it is one of the best things ever to happen to her. Jackson 50 broke the news in May that she was pregnant for the first time. She has maintained a low profile since been ordered bed rest by her Doctor. But everything else appears to be coming along just fine.

Earlier this week, she stepped out in London to do some baby shopping. She apparently arrived at the baby store with her body guard assistant and two friends. The Store shut down for 45 minutes while she browsed and shopped. Among the items checked out was a stroller it was reported. However, I’m sure she bought a lot more than that. Janet has given a lot of hope to women who may feel that time is not on their side for pregnancy. We are watching closely and wishing them every health and happiness.

What do the cards say about you Janet Jackson at the moment?

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

The Seven of Wands shows Janet, that you are very aware of the gift which has been placed on you. I’m sure even you Janet Jackson would have been worried that this may never come to be. And yet, here you are. Standing on the doorstep of Motherhood, with all the happiness and Joy it brings.

The Seven of Swords. With joy comes worry. Just as with every Mother. Until your baby is safely wrapped in your arms, you will worry. But these are quite natural worries, and effect every Mother of every age and of every nationality across the world.

The High Priestess show that you have plenty of people to help and advice. Most will have been through this already, and some will be watching and learning. In this role of Motherhood, you will become student and teacher. But whatever way you approach it, it is a wonderful journey and you will enjoy every step.

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