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January Jones from The Last Man on Earth is spotted on set in Malibu.

January Jones

January Jones from The Last Man on Earth is spotted on set in Malibu.

Series 3 of ‘The Last Man on Earth’ is due to premiere in September this year.
This post-apocalyptic comedy follows 21st-century character Phil Miller who finds he may be the only person left on earth following the outbreak of a deadly virus.
On his quest to find fellow humans he encounters many women, including former Madmen star January Jones’ character Melissa, who becomes the object of Phil’s desire.
January posted on Instagram whilst relaxing on set, in character, holding on to the shotgun prop.

Véronique’s Verdict

So which cards did January Jones draw? We have the Strength card, the Princess of Hearts and the Two of Hearts. Strength symbolizes the beautiful princess entering the childhood garden that is now overgrown with weeds and brambles but the beauty remains. There is a sense of emotional strength overcoming physical strength without a need for brute force. Strength shows January confronting and conquering her fears using the infinite power of her spirit. There is both a gentleness and strength within January and she is surrounded by love. She should avoid being too romantic or naive to make the most of the creative opportunities that will soon find her in this supportive environment. When the two of Hearts appears, then two is very much the magic number. In its most literal sense it shows a fairy tale love connection, two hearts beating as one. It could be argued that this card represents both the male and female sides of January’s personality. I feel that her heart is very much invested in series 3 of this project. There is an elegance when dealing with business issues I feel that there is a new project in the pipeline that will be very close to her heart.


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