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Why Does Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans wish she wasn’t pregnant?

Jenelle Evans

Why Does Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans wish she wasn’t pregnant?

Jenelle Evans expressed how helpless she felt in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. She felt that if she wasn’t pregnant at the moment she could volunteer to go and help out with the relief process. The hurricane devastated areas of Florida and Haiti, with outbreaks of cholera reported in some areas. Jenelle expressed her support and said on twitter:
“My prayers are with everyone affected by the hurricane! This washed up on my hometown beach, Oak Island. Where my story began.”

To Janelle.
I hope that all your people are safe Jenelle and you quite rightly put the human face on the horror of the hurricane. We all too often lose something in the connection between what we see in the media, and what the people are really feeling on the ground. In doing so, those who suffer also lose out in the feedback and assistance they receive. At the moment your priority has to be your precious little bundle and having a healthy happy baby girl and Mom.
Now Jenelle. I will not read on medical issues. That’s for Doctors to do not Psychics, but I will throw out some cards for your near future.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

The Devil card.
This is the card of habit (not the real devil) It’s breaking those habits that really haven’t been productive for us. Little changes daily will have a great impact in the long run. What we need to do is set a dream, start walking in that direction. Don’t set a timeline, just a destination. You can overcome anything.


The Five of Cups.
It’s common knowledge that you have some problems in the domestic end of things, but that’s a story for another day. That’s your personal space. What I will say is that you have the right to happiness. Do not get bullied into anything that you don’t feel is right for you. Follow your heart and what you know is right for you. This is not a time for stress.


The Tower Card.
This card speaks of changes around the home. It’s like an upheaval which upsets everything as you know it. Now it’s quite likely this has already happened and you are still trying to find your feet after it, but the card shows that sometimes this needs to happen, to put us where we need to be. Don’t be upset by it, rather understand it is the powers that be shaking things up, to put them in the right order.

Now I know Janelle that the baby is on the way and Dad may be away, but let’s focus on the positive. Healthy little Girl and healthy Mother. After that, we can deal with anything. January is the due date and everything I’m feeling is focused about that month. I’m also getting a really good feeling around the month of May. I feel you have to focus on this month as a time when things all fall into place.

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