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Will Jennifer Aniston learn to make peace with the past?


Will Jennifer Aniston learn to make peace with the past?

Families can be a tremendous support for many. Conversely, they can be complicated, troubled and toxic!
Jennifer Aniston’s mother Nancy Dow sadly died earlier this year. The relationship between mother and daughter has been described by many as troubled. Although Jen attended her mother’s memorial service, she declined to take the deceased’s ashes. For many, the thought of taking care of a loved one’s ashes can bring much comfort. However, not everyone is open to embracing this concept and may find this a little morbid. It is very much a personal choice. So when Jennifer kindly ‘rejected’ her late mother’s ashes, it appeared to fuel further controversy.

Jen assisted her mother financially in her later life. Nancy reportedly talked and wrote extensively about her daughter over the years and published a book in 1999 called From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir. This served to place further strain on an already difficult relationship.

Jennifer has previously described her mother as ‘gorgeous and stunning,’ but also ‘unforgiving, holding grudges.’ Jennifer was cut out of Nancy’s will.


Véronique’s Verdict

Jennifer drew the Eight of Swords, the Death card and the Eight of Wands. I feel that Jennifer has wrestled with her emotions throughout the years and this is revealed by the Eight of Swords. It very much feels like two steps forward, three steps back. Jen has previously revealed that she did not wish to involve herself in pettiness and she has dealt with any challenges admirably. She has taken a considered approach and waited patiently for illumination from her higher mind. The Death Card rarely signifies an actual death and this card shows a profound change, again asking Jen to ignore the superfluous. The destruction of old patterns is necessary in order to reveal a new and more rewarding path. This card tells Jen that she should not fear change or the passing of someone close. The Eight of Wands reveals that Jen will be proactive in moving forward and reconnecting with her objectives. This is very much about love and messages pertaining to love. She will deal with the emotions in her own time and in her own way but for now, she will focus on the positives in her world and all that is good. Jennifer will make peace with the past when she is good and ready and in the privacy of her own mind. RIP – Nancy Dow.

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