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What does Jennifer Aniston think of Friends now?

Jennifer Aniston Friends

What does Jennifer Aniston think of Friends now?

At one time it was a cult. If you didn’t know the characters of friends you lived on Mars. But now those of us who lived through the 90s and beyond, have very fond memories of the TV series “Friends.” But what do the Actors think of their old roles? Well, Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she still watches the old friends series. It must be wonderful to switch on your past on TV. Jenniffer admits that she doesn’t remember all the scenes. But she can’t help getting caught up in all the nostalgia of the moment.

To Jennifer. I stand among millions across the globe who will hands-up say i was hooked on friends. It was more than just a TV series, it was an era. When the series ended, it was like saying goodbye to our real friends, and not being sure when you would see them again. So if it was like that for us, I can only imagine how painful it must have been for you and the other cast members. Thankfully the series is still running on many channels, so it’s possible to take a step back in time and embrace the nostalgia it brings with it.

Let’s throw some cards out for you Jennifer and see what they are saying.

The Two of Cups
At least there are no worries in the love department, as this card shows a good balance around the heart. It would also signify that you are an emotional being. There is a sense of deep feelings and an ability to bring yourself back in time complete with all the sounds and smells of the moment. A deep feeling heart is something that will open more doors in this world, than an aggressive approach. You could give some people lessons on this.

The Four of Swords.
One of the downsides of a deep feeling person is that they have trouble letting go of mistakes of the past. Silly little things from the past can pop back into your head and drive you crazy. You know there is nothing you can do about them. But it angers you that you were not quicker to react in a way that would have been more fitting. Well, they say that hindsight is a wonderful thing. But it is where we learn the lessons for the future.

The Seven of Wands. This card speaks of many areas of our lives. Both professional, health, emotions and energy. Anything that requires energy. It would appear that you can’t lose in 2017. New doors and new opportunities, see you in a role you haven’t played before. Regardless of if it is in work or life, it will be a new and wonderful experience. I feel your setting plans for the future as soon as the new year lands.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Putting all of these things together, the cards are saying that it’s pointless trying to change your soft heart. it’s what makes you who you are. It’s what will open new doors. It allows you to dream and bring those dreams into reality. I feel the turn into the new year sees you making life changing decisions. Not with your love life, because that looks very healthy, but with avenues that you have yet to walk.

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