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Jennifer Garner Is Set To Kick Ass Again In Action Thriller ‘Peppermint’

Jennifer Garner Is Set To Kick Ass Again In Action Thriller ‘Peppermint’

Jennifer Garner Is Set To Kick Ass Again In Action Thriller ‘Peppermint’

It’s about time. Before she was married to Ben Affleck and using her dimples to convince you to sign up for Capital One, Jennifer Garner was a bona-fide action star who could roundhouse kick with the best of them.
After a decade long break from the genre, Garner is reportedly set to star in the action revenge thriller “Peppermint, which is being described as a “female ‘John Wick,’” 2014’s sleeper hit starring Keanu Reeves. The film centers on a young mother who takes matters into her own hands after her husband and daughter are gunned down in a drive-by. The heroine wakes up from a coma and spends years learning to become a lethal killing machine.” The revenge thriller centers on a mother who finds herself with nothing to lose. “On the 10th anniversary of her family’s death, she targets everyone she holds responsible, the gang that committed the act, the lawyers that got them off, and the corrupt cops that enabled the murderous incidents.”

“Peppermint” marks a return to the action genre for Garner in full on punching, kicking and shooting mode. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her in this kind of action form – you have to go back to the likes of Daredevil, Electra and before them, TV’s Alias to find it. But Jennifer Garner is clearly ready to get back into the kicking ass action thriller. Pierre Morel (Taken) is directing from a script by Chad St. John (London Has Fallen). More recently, she’s been featured in dramas like Dallas Buyers Club and Men, Women & Children and family movies like Miracles From Heaven and The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Her upcoming films also include the surfing drama The Tribes of Palos Verdes.

Yes, It Is About Time To See This Athletic Actress In An Action Role Other Than Ben Affleck’s Wife

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Rumors have long circulated that Jennifer stepped back from her career at the request of her then husband Ben Affleck to stay home and raise their children, which she obviously agreed to. Now that her children are older and Ben is no longer calling the shots, I believe we will see more of Garner in movies that showcase her athletic abilities and a more mature range of acting.

Five of Wands:
This is a card of argumentative energy within and out. I feel this was an internal argument for Garner as to whether she was up for this type of movie again. It appears her bad ass self won!

Seven of Pentacles: The is watching the rewards of your hard work paying off. I believe this card indicates her hard physical training to get in shape for all the action in this new movie. If you watch the trailer for “Peppermint”, it shows.

The High Priestess:
This is a female energy that is self-sufficient and knows who she is. I believe the card perfectly identifies Garner in her state of mind at this moment.

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