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Jennifer Lopez – Battle of the behinds?

Jennifer Lopez J-Lo channels her inner Kim.

Jennifer Lopez – Battle of the behinds?

Jennifer Lopez is a lady whose generous derrière broke the Internet long before the age of selfies. For those of us old enough to remember J-Lo’s ‘Behind the behind’ was on the small screen before derrière implants were popular. Jen’s attributes are no real surprise. A recent report has suggested that Ms Lopez is attempting to steal the crown of a young Mrs Kardashian-West. Certain ‘belfies’ (yes this is a real word) of Jen have been compared to her 30-something contemporary proving that 47-year-old J-Lo can still kick (it) the photo in question shows J-Lo perched in her boudoir, posing very much like Kim Kardashian-West in one of her iconic selfies.

Jennifer is a talented actress and singer who was evidently feeling empowered, wishing to share the love and drawing our attention to her healthy body and healthy mind. Even derrière rival Kim has paid homage to her ‘inspiration.’ Obviously, this is a huge deal for those whose idea of bodily perfection is the body of a twelve year old boy with two melons stuffed under his vest.

Kanye West rapped about J-Lo’s physicalities when he chanted in song that his ‘Psychic told him that his love would have a behind like Jennifer Lopez.’ Yes he really did! Yet another dream realized for Kanye and not a cheating rumour in sight. It seems Mr Casper’s not so smart after all! Let’s leave the last word to Ms Lopez, ‘In Hollywood, it’s a little bit of a novelty. From when I was very young, my family would be like, ‘Jennifer’s got a big butt’ I was endowed in that area.’

Véronique’s Verdict

The cards drawn for Jennifer today are, the Temperance card, the Ten of Pentacles and the Six of Pentacles.

Temperance shows Jennifer in the midst of opportunities and is waiting for the right time to make the right choice. She is in a supportive environment right now and does not have a need to rush into anything.

The Ten of Pentacles represents abundance in her life together with the security that she wishes for her family. Jen works hard to maintain positive relations with her ex, father of her children and this card shows their ability to work together for the greater good, despite not being involved romantically.

The Six of Pentacles is another card of financial abundance. I feel that friends and associates are important to Jennifer and her generosity knows no bounds, this will be rewarded ten-fold.

Jennifer has a great sense of humour and any rivalry between her and her friends is very much light hearted banter. I feel that she will continue on her current trajectory focusing on her career with no rush to engage romantically… at this time!


Jennifer Lopez channels her inner Kim.

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