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Jennifer Lopez. A new secret romance?

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Jennifer Lopez. A new secret romance?

Superstar ‘Jenny from the block’ is rumored to be dating again after amicably ending her 5-year relationship with Casper Smart. Who is the lucky guy I wonder? Obviously, it needs to be someone low key, who likes to keep it real, ‘sans’ the need for the celebrity bells and whistles. Sounds like Calvin Harris could be a good match for the newly single Jennifer Lopez.

Jen and Calvin were photographed together in June when he attended the star-studded event that was J-Lo’s Las Vegas birthday bash. As you would expect, there were many photographs taken that evening, various group snaps, photo’s of them separately and also together…

The two have apparently been working on a secret project If the recent reports are anything to go by. Could it be a ploy for them to spend ‘secret’ time together? After being in the news for their very public separations, you can’t really blame them for being a little more mysterious than usual, not wishing to be seen together. But evidently, there is a noted chemistry between them that has been described as epic. Wow!

Calvin has been quick to insist his singleton status after being seen out with various lady friends. I’m sure we’re all rooting for him to find the right girl after the whole Taylor Swift saga which he was clearly not comfortable with. Why not J-Lo? However, she has also been romantically linked with Ben Affleck lately but that’s another story!

Véronique’s Verdict

Let’s see what the cards have to say about this connection! We have the Six of Swords, the King of Pentacles and the Six of Wands. Another rite of passage as demonstrated through

The Six of Swords and a change of direction linked with overseas travel. The difficulties within their respective past relationships had to be experienced in order for the two to reach this new place emotionally. There is a sense of both finding fulfillment on a more intellectual basis.

The King of Pentacles is Capricorn Calvin’s significator. The opposite number to Cancerian Jennifer. I feel that Calvin will work to maintain his privacy and this will be something that will resonate with Jennifer. A secret project? Definitely talks taking place between the two but they are not ready to reveal all… yet!

The Six of Wands shows a collaboration resulting in success. There is a guarded passion between Calvin and Jennifer and elements of winning the day. The connection shown here is a positive one and one borne out of creative energy rather than romance. For now!

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