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What has Jessica Alba got against Gyms?

What has Jessica Alba got against Gyms?

What has Jessica Alba got against Gyms?

Yes, she looks amazing for 35 and considering she is a mom to two kids. But Jessica Alba told Ellen DeGeneres, that she doesn’t go to the gym. Well most parents don’t have to if they are running around after two kids all day. Jessica made the comment when talking to Ellen about trick or treating with her kids. Quite rightly she said pretty much the same thing, walking up and down is exercise. She said that while she was walking around with her two girls, Honor and Haven. Most parents underestimate the workout that their days have wrapped up in rearing kids. You can be walking running, climbing, lifting. Why would you need to pay for a gym?

To Jessica.

You are so right. Apart from the fact you look amazing. Rearing children is a full-time gym membership. Having said that, at 35 your still in the safe zone. The dreaded 40s will be along soon, but I’m sure you will still look fantastic even then. Most of us look at our thirties with a smile, because we did still look good. and if you can maintain that then you are on a winner when 40 comes along. But by then the kids will be older, and you won’t have to chase after them so much. So maybe the gym is for another day?

Let’s throw a few cards out for you Jessica Alba, and see what they hold for you.

The Four of Cups
This is the card of emotional balance. Your approach to your family is naturally balanced. There is no need to look for any problems coming in around you with this card. It is soft running. Yes, the kids will keep you going and you will have the new ups and downs as any parent. But they seem to have a good moral fibre which will set them up well for the years to come. This is a credit to you.

The Lovers Card
This is the card of difficult decisions. A situation will arise around you soon which will have you pondering decisions which will have far reaching effects around the home. Regardless of which way you decide, someone will have something to say about it. So, go with your best instincts. You know your instincts are good, so figure out what you can deal with and go with that option.

Two of Cups
This is about you and Warren. The match is good, but you didn’t need me to tell you this. There is a certain link of trust which must exist within a relationship for it to work, and the two of cups shows you have this in abundance. Some souls meet as though they have met in a previous lifetime, and your soul connection is very similar. The energy connection is perfect, and makes for a perfect parenting duo.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

It would appear, that you are in a happy status quo for the moment. These times are rare in anyone’s life, so make the most of it. Your kids are getting older and things will be changing. But the spring of 2017 holds some major decisions. As I said with the cards Jessica, think with your heart and let your instincts guide you. A quick decision will have you in the right place at the right time.

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