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Jessica Alba’s multitasking secrets revealed!

Jessica Alba multitask?

Jessica Alba’s multitasking secrets revealed!

Jessica Alba is the mother of two young girls and she is also a businesswoman who works hard. In order to keep her family together, she has come up with a routine. One that helps her business to run smoothly and her girls to bond into the family unit. I know there are many people out there saying we all must work and raise kids. Yes, it is the time we live in and the family unit roles have changed over the years but Jessica travels on business. So, every time she goes, she grabs one of her children and brings them with her. It’s just the two of them and the world. This way they all get one on one time and helps the kids to feel secure.

To Jessica.
I know that this set up won’t suit every mother but it is a good solution which could help some mothers out there to balance things without stress and get one on one cuddle time with their kids as they are growing. It also allows the child to have precious time to build up a good communication one on one with their parent. They learn that they can tell their parent anything without judgement. They can ask their parent for advice if something is worrying them and with a one on one time like this. It allows the child time to get their words together to say what they want to say. That is priceless and I’m sure it will be something they will look back on in years to come with great affection.

Let’s throw out some cards for you and your family Jessica and see what they are saying about the energy surrounding you.

The Seven of Cups
This is both the card of love and luck. The lucky number 7 is something I don’t need to explain to you because you are aware of your luck. The love that surrounds you and your family is priceless and pure. There is a feeling around these children that their childhood is as it should be. Stress-free and enough magic to make it amazing. It will be reflected in years to come when they are raising their own children.

This is the tranquil time that you spend with your children. It is that one on one time filled with overwhelming love and calm. The perfect solution to work stress. You have your own stress solution right beside you when the work load gets a little crazy. Children are quick to pick up on energy. They are far more tuned in than adults. So, if you are stressed around them they will pick up on it. You emanate calm and this is reflecting in your children.

Nine of Coins
This is the card of employment. The ability to manage both of your dreams equally is your talent. Letting others in on the secret of how you do it, is your gift. I’m sure there will be many Mothers out there who will be thinking, hey! I could to this. I know it isn’t possible for all, but where it is possible why not?

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

The change in the traditional parenting procedure is still new. Girls these days are brought up to know that they can have both family and career and why not? What most haven’t figured out is how to do it without running yourself into ill health. How to ensure your kids have balanced healthy meals and lots of parent time. It’s procedures like yours that and the fact that you share them, may be the solution some of them need. Your kids are not getting younger, and you are teaching them valuable lessons. With your family, I feel some good news coming in around August 2017. I Know it’s a wait but it will be worth it.

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