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Job Fair – Rejected for wearing blue suit

Job Fair – Rejected for wearing blue suit

Job Fair – Rejected for wearing blue suit

Job Fair – Rejected for wearing blue suit. When one goes to a job fair, they need to look the part. If they don’t adhere to the rules of the specific company, they won’t get the job. It is important, especially for young job seekers to learn how to increase their chances. There is usually a certain dress code and other rules they need to follow. What happens when those rules aren’t set by the employers themselves?

A job fair at Rutgers University earlier in February ended in a dispute. Students who didn’t follow the school’s dress code were turned away. At least 40 of them might have lost out on job opportunities due to this decision. People were outraged when it turned out why students were unable to participate.

It wasn’t like they turned up in jeans and miniskirts, no. The problem originated from the fact that the school no longer allows blue suits, brown shoes, and coloured shirts. These restrictions wouldn’t be a problem on their own, as every school has its own ‘preference’. However, in this case, they did not consult the possible employers.

Some claim that the school made the right decision. Others say that they should have let students in. If the employer found them unfit due to their dress code, it would be up to them to decide. There are also people who pointed out the financial situation of the students. Not everyone is able to purchase another suit, especially before getting the job.

These are all plausible arguments. After careful consideration, the school apologized for turning the students away. But one question remains unanswered: what happens to those 40 students? Even more importantly, what’s the future of dress codes? There have been many debates questioning the status quo. Let’s consult the cards to see what they say in this case:

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Eight of Wands:
This card indicates a rapid development of the situation. It is time to move forward with a new plan, keeping everyone’s best interest in mind.

The Tower:
The general idea of the school has been shaken. But this can be a good thing, as it means re-evaluation of the situation. What doesn’t work anymore will be eliminated, only to be replaced with a better system.

The High Priestess:
There is a lot to learn from this situation. What’s good for one, isn’t necessarily good for the other. An understanding of the situation is required. Listen to both parts of the story, otherwise you will miss crucial information.

It seems like the school is willing to change its rules for the benefit of its students. Every system has its flows, but there is always a place and time for learning and improvement.


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