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Joe Giudice`s Bittersweet Goodbye – Will His Absence Strengthen Family Bonds?

Joe Giudices Bittersweet Goodbye – Will His Absence Strengthen Family Bonds?

Joe Giudices Bittersweet Goodbye – Will His Absence Strengthen Family Bonds?

Joe Giudices Bittersweet Goodbye – Will His Absence Strengthen Family Bonds?
If you have felt for the Giudice family before, you sure ended up reaching for a tissue or two during RHONJ`s possibly most heart-wracking episode ever. Although we could get a further insight into the day to day lives of most people on the show, the impending jail time and heart-breaking goodbye of Joe Giudice was the main theme throughout the entire length.

The sweet innocence of the baking scene, where Joe got a cupcake for each birthday the girls will miss not only made for the saddest goodbye ever, but it also made us think about how precious family is. Spending time away from your loved ones is never easy, and one could argue which part is the hardest. Missing out, or the fact that life goes on, no matter whether you are a part of it, or not?

Either way, Teresa doesn`t think that this would mark their relationship forever, on the contrary. According to the New Jersey Housewife, she expects the coming 41 months to be tough, but also ones that would make them grow stronger as a family. She is going to support her other half, being there for him, just like he was there for her before. Although the couple`s path hasn`t been easy to say the least, it does seem like they bounce back from every difficulty. But will it be the case even this time? Is their love going to prevail, proving that love conquers all, or will it be a case of “till jail do us part?”
Let`s ask the cards about how this will affect the family.

Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

Nine of Pentacles:
A blissful relief from family arguments. Through patience and self-discipline, the desired outcome can be reached, and it seems like both parties are confident that this could work. The goal is really close, but is yet to be achieved, and Teresa is bearing the news gracefully. Only time will tell, but it seems like this means a new beginning for the couple in every way.

Followed by a recent realization that they need to change their ways, the Giudice family now has to look deep within and re-evaluate everything they hold dear in order to come out successfully the other end. The time for second chances will come as well, when amends can be made. The lesson has been learned, and they will be ready to take on new challenges when this is over. Sharing these experiences with others might help cope with the situation until the 41 months pass.

The Hierophant:
They will both need to adapt to the new circumstances, and tradition will be of great importance, as we all saw from the cupcake baking, too. Family values will be much more appreciated than before, and there is a chance that their bond will strengthen as well, as they will both learn how to appreciate what they have as a family.

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