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Joe Jonas, what have you done to Ashley Greene?

Joe Jonas, what have you done to Ashley Green?

Joe Jonas, what have you done to Ashley Greene?

Joe Jonas revealed to the public his details of when he lost his virginity. Bad enough you would think. But he went on to do the ultimate childish act of revealing the name of the lady he was with. Joe if a person was 14 years old you would expect them to do something like this. You have now labelled yourself a no go area, at least for ladies of class, as any lady will be afraid that you will reveal her name at the first given opportunity.


There are certain things that you don’t reveal. Telling people about your sex life is your choice. But no one has the right to reveal to details of someone else’s intimate acts without their expressed permission. It’s the ultimate kiss and tell, and guaranteed to have you standing on your own at parties. Whatever the ladies might think of you, anyone who wants a future is not going to let her guard down around someone who talks. Now I know your 27, and you have a long life ahead of you. But take it from an older guy. Somethings are better left unsaid.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.


What do the cards say lies in store for you know? And can you undo the damage Joe Jonas?


The Page of Coins.
This card shows that you are in the early days of your career, so all moves must be made wisely. There is a lot of talent there, but it must be mixed with a level of maturity in order for people to take you seriously. It’s far too early on the road of success to be making mistakes, you will have to back-pedal a little on your confessions. People don’t respect or trust lose cannons.


The Devil Card.
This is the card of habit. The boy has become a man and must show this. It’s time to leave the childish ways in the past and develop the maturity that will serve you well as a Man. Everyone reaches a time in their life when the things and actions of the past no longer serve them well. It’s time to embrace the new you, the boy is no longer, let the man begin.


The Lovers Card. 
Here is the card of difficult decisions. You have many ways of handling this. But each one comes with some discomfort. Admit to the fault, and save your reputation with the ladies. Or walk away, but walk away from ladies who have standards and moral fibre.


Your guidance Joe Jonas. (and friendly advice from an older guy)
While I’m all for freedom of expression. There are certain things better left unsaid. It’s time to do the Manly thing and apologise. The cards are saying this won’t do away until you make it.


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