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A Psychics view on John Krasinski’s new movie, ‘The Hollars’

John Krasinski Hollars

A Psychics view on John Krasinski’s new movie, ‘The Hollars’

John Krasinski admitted he has some old favourites among movies that just wouldn’t cut it in today’s market. Films like” The Verdict,” “Kramer vs Kramer”, “Ordinary people” and a lot of other drama based movies.  However, Krasinski said “People feel defined by those movies.” He was talking during a recent interview about his new movie. A movie which he directs, produces and stars in called “The Hollars.”

When people attach themselves to a movie as one of their favourite oldies, or newbies,  it’s because the movie hit a nerve in you somewhere. Something in you can relate on some level to the actors or the storyline. This up and coming new film should offer that to a wide range of people. All you need to have to relate to it, is family. You will then be able to relate to all the different family characters that are within the family unit.

“The Hollars” is a tale of a Family brought back together when the matriarch falls sick. The reunion brings all the family members along with their baggage back under one roof. Family is a strange place to be at times. We share so much alike and yet are so different. We argue, disagree, have different taste, but yet we are united. They say you can choose your friends but not your family. Perhaps they are sent here to teach us tolerance for different opinions. Whatever they are like, they are the most valuable possession you have in this world. Perhaps this is why we tolerate more from them than anyone else.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

What do the cards say about the Hollars? The Two of Cups shows obviously this is a story of love. It’s love of the closest kind, the family. Whatever the world throws at this bond, it stands strong against it, even to the very last breath. The Knight of Cups shows that  in a time of illness there is little you can do but you still try. People arrive to do what little they can even though they know it may have little effect. The Three of Swords shows the hard work that went into bringing all this together. I have no doubt it will touch the lives of many people and like John Krasinki himself would like, it should be remembered for some time to come.

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