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John Legend ’s ‘Decadent’ life!

John Legend

John Legend ’s ‘Decadent’ life!

The singer, John Legend, has been busy of late with global performances. More recently he’s been spotted Rockin‘ and Rollin’ in London… sipping tea in a posh hotel!
The award-winning humble (for a) megastar with his intelligent wit does not have a need for the cool sunglasses nor does he require an entourage to add ‘cred.’ or hide behind. The ‘legend’ himself has stated in many of his songs that he is who he is and that fame will not change him. Over the years he has wholeheartedly sung what he knows to be true, whether it be love, (all of me) or something more political, (penthouse floor). The legend believes that Universal themes and feelings rarely go out of fashion.

Legend has opinions on many things, politics for one. He admits that his personal politics do not translate musically, but this has not prevented him from being politically vocal on twitter and certain websites. Following his shock of Donald Trump winning the presidential election he has described Mr Trump as a ‘fantasist unmoored from reality.’ Any belief’s of a spiritual nature? The singer has revealed that he has no belief in the afterlife and has pondered on those who wish to die for a cause, but he maintains his belief that despite life’s struggles, we should all go ahead into the dark and try to make the world a better place.

The singer has revealed that his perceived perfect marital relationship has had as many downs as ups due to selfish behavior’s on both parts. The couple met via the video for his 2007 single Stereo and went on to date for seven years before tying the knot in 2013 in Italy’s Lake Como. Legend says that having a child (as all parents can vouch) changes everything (something of an understatement)! Since becoming a parent he has an appreciation of his own mother who home schooled and encouraged independence in all of her children.

Any advice for the mere mortals? Mr legend says ‘you can’t be decadent all the time and don’t take your loved one’s for granted.’ Wise words from the 10 times Grammy Award Winner.

Véronique’s verdict

John drew the King of Swords, the Three of Pentacles and the Fool.

The King of Swords shows that Mr Legend is the master of his own mind. This card reveals a flurry of new ideas that lead him to turn them into reality. Although he sings from the heart, there is an energy of detachment that allows him to turn any creations into mini-masterpieces.

The Three of Pentacles represents the hard working collaborator. John engages with those who consistently complement his own efforts. I feel that he chooses his work partners conscientiously in order that rewards are maximized.

The Fool reinforces what Mr Legend has already revealed. He carries the memories and experiences of his life, and lives his truth.

I feel that work and life are very much intertwined for this man. He appears to have it all and will continue to seek his truth whilst putting words to the very feelings that the rest of us are unable to verbalize. Despite the wealth and celebrity lifestyle John will remain true to his background which will continue to form part of his identity.

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