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John Mayer and Demi Lovato. Dating?

John Mayer and Demi Lovato. Dating?

John Mayer and Demi Lovato. Dating?

John Mayer and Demi Lovato have recently been spotted hanging out in West Hollywood… together. So that means they’re dating right? The rumour mill has been in overdrive again and says that the ‘couple’ chatted for about an hour. Apparently, the ‘bad boy’ himself was whispering sweet nothings in Demi’s shell like as a very giggly songstress appeared to lap it all up. Was someone seriously that close to them?
They did cross paths a few years ago via twitter with Mayer tweeting, ‘You’re going to make lots of records, I can tell. Write one song at a time and never, ever apologize for any of them, ever.’ Good advice Mr. Mayer. The (then) teenage Ms Lovato expressed to her fans that Mayer was her idol and that he inspired her. She was quoted as saying, ‘John Mayer’s been a huge influence on me. His song writing really inspires me, I guess he had heard I was a huge fan, and he sent me a letter. Then we ended up writing together. And it was really great when he actually reached out to me, and it was like a dream come true.’

In fact Mayer has paid the ultimate compliment and declared that Demi Lovato has one of the greatest voices. Yes, she can hold a tune!
Mayer has famously dated Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, while Lovato had a long- term relationship with Wilmer Valderrama.
So is romance on the cards for the collaborator’s. Let’s find out.

Véronique’s Verdict

The ‘couple’ drew the Three of Hearts, the Queen of Pentacles and the Judgement card.

The Three of Hearts in this context reveals that their relationship is limited to external appearances. There is a fun energy and a sense of enjoyment heedless of the consequences. This feels more about innocent play than a love relationship, however, I have to say that if Demi was up for something more, then the bad boy himself would be more than happy to oblige.

The queen of pentacles shows an arrogance that someone may be inclined to take liberties. The gesture of being able to seduce without even trying.

Judgement reveals the consequences of laying oneself (emotional?) bare. I feel that there has been a spiritual or moral awakening and also an awareness of imminent action.

Musical collaborations aside, this connection could develop into something more. An appreciation of someone’s work and the flattery bestowed by an inspirational idol suggests an inequality here. If John and Demi have an understanding of one another in a more neutral environment then I feel that a romantic relationship could be in the offing.

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