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John Travolta is not interested in Scientology docu-series.

John Travolta scientology

John Travolta is not interested in Scientology docu-series.

Leah Remini is getting great coverage recently with her series and her book regarding her escape from Scientology. She has lashed out with tales of spying and sexual misconduct in the church and detailing her escape from it. Many of Hollywood’s greats are members of the Church of Scientology and are not surprisingly upset by her revelations. Of course, the media would be racing to ask the members what they thought, one of whom is John Travolta. John apparently is not interested in her opinion and why would he be? Your faith is your faith, it needs no explaining to anyone.

To John Travolta:
I admire your stance on your beliefs. What some people fail to understand when it comes to a person’s faith is, they are entitled to believe that ever they believe. You can practice any religion without having to justify it, so long as it harms no one. I struggle sometimes with understanding why people would even question how other people follow their faith. Each of us find our own truth in our own way. When you find your truth, there are no words to explain why, nor should you ever have to struggle to find words to explain. Faith is personal.

On that note, I will put some cards out for you John Travolta.

The Seven of Cups:
This would point to you being a very lucky man in love. Your heart was guided to the right person. Those you love are loved with everything you have and there are no half measures there. I know in the past you had a tragedy with the loss of your son. His life was blessed with great love and there is no greater wealth or achievement anyone can gain on their journey through this world.

The Hermit:
This is the secret self, the person inside, the one very few know. It tells of someone who is private. This card tells us that there are parts of your life you protect, but don’t worry. It doesn’t tell us what they are, the cards respect barriers and are non-intrusive. We often get asked on the psychic line “do you know what this person is thinking?”, but the answer should always be a firm no. People’s boundaries are to be respected at all cost.

The Nine of Coins:
This is your working self. Someone who dedicates themselves completely into the roles you play in life. Both in reality and in acting. There are no half measures here. Something is or it isn’t and this is a healthy approach to adapt to both roles. The nine is the card of the artist, as you need to maintain a certain level of control over your work. It points to some very interesting roles surfacing in 2017. One in particular appears to bring you back to the acting headlines.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

These cards tell of a private person, your boundaries are to be respected. This is something I admire, as it highlights a strong sense of the individual. Some people expect that we should all fall into line and do as things were always done, but I’m not feeling that here. There is a sense of a rebel, someone who will speak back of they feel the need to. 2017 looks like a bright year for you John, mid-summer around June is highlighted. Perhaps it’s those Summer nights.


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