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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Where are Their Problems Going ?

Johnny DeppAmber Heard gets nasty

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.
Where are Their Problems Going ?
See What the Cards Have to Say…

 The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard saga is still ongoing and normally when something happens between a couple like this, it doesn’t end nicely. There have been accusations of battery put forward against Depp and it appears to pour salt into a gaping wound in a relationship. None of us are in a position to judge either way as this is for the courts to decide and hopefully the time apart with the restraining order which was placed on Johnny Depp, may allow for some healing time.

People have come out in defence of Depp, including his Ex-wife of seven years and his Ex-Girlfriend Winona Ryder who dated Depp for a considerable time. Both said they were stunned by the accusation as they had never seen this side of Johnny Depp. So did Johnny change? As for Amber Heard, her Ex-Girlfriend came out against her, so to be fair most ex-partners would, so let’s cut her some slack there.

There is no easy way to solve something like this. You hope above hopes, that common sense will prevail, but it rarely does when adults are involved. Unlike kids, they don’t just put it behind them and carry on.  I decided to pull several cards on the situation around them while staying neutral to the verdict any court will decide. It is not my path to cause extra grief to an already sore situation.

The World Card practically jumped out of the deck as I was dealing the cards.  It wasn’t taking no for an answer. The World signifies the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. It says that everything has come full circle and must restart but not in the same place. The Five of Wands shows that this is no longer a battle between the two of them; it now involves more people, all battling it out and adding to the pain and suffering. It closes with the Hierophant, the educator of the deck. Education has been received by both parties, something they will carry with them for a very long time to come. I was asked if this was the end of Johnny Depp’s career? To say either way would be casting a verdict on something which belongs in the court of public opinion. What I will say is that justice will be done. The truth will always triumph and the sooner the better. But to truly move beyond the anger and pain, I feel that someone has to be their own judge and jury, and come clean with the truth. If not they run the risk of carrying the anger and pain beyond the courtroom verdict for life. This is a burden no one should carry.


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