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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, was I right ?


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, was I right ?

Well, yesterday during my reading about this troubled couple, I predicted an end to the whole saga around Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

So let’s see how right I got it:

 “Well, this is certainly turning out to be one of the most interesting divorces in a long time. I still hold onto the wish that they will see sense as adults and realise this has to end somewhere.”

The end came yesterday as I was writing this, as both sides saw sense and decided to end this.

 “The King of Coins says that money is the only thing that will stop all this nonsense.”

$10 million to be exact, this was the agreed amount to close the matter down.

 “But then everyone has a right to defend their good name. So pride is entering the field and that makes it messy.”

No one can deny a lot of things were thrown out there to fight the case. Most should have stayed from public view, but when defending our pride, all bets are off.

 “The Nine of Swords shows there will be great regret over accusations made and things disclosed. The regret will come once the music has died down and everyone has had time to reflect. “

The statement released, was that although no side had lied in the investigation, they still both hold each other in high regard, or words to that effect.

 “The Four of Wands shows that balance is needed and balance will come. Hopefully sooner rather than later, because then it can be put to rest and they can all move on.”

This is the bit that has yet to come. While both will go to their corner to recover from their wounds ultimately they can now close the book on a very sad chapter in their lives.


Divorce never ends well. Two people who once were drawn together with a strong bond, now have to part ways. More often than not, it is one sided. This means someone is hurting. From hurt, people draw out in defence because they feel they are at their weakest. Somehow wanting the other party to feel a little bit of their pain. This is generally where the accusations come from. For most of us, this is hard enough. But when your life is on the public stage it can be extremely hurtful and embarrassing for all involved.

It is a sad fact of life, that someone we once held so close can now dislike us so much. Or indeed the other way around. They say that love is the closest thing to hate. I could never get my head around that bit either. There will always be the memories of the good times, they can overshadow the bad times if we allow them. Let’s hope that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard can now close the book on this and in time move on and rebuild their lives. From all of us here at 7th Sense Psychics we wish you both well in your future path. And may your pains be small, and your memories be of the good times.

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