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What’s happening with Johnny Depp since the breakup?

Johnny Depp

What’s happening with Johnny Depp since the breakup?

It’s good to hear that there is life after divorce. Since Johnny Depp breakup with Amber Heard all appears to have gone quite in the Depp household. But this week it has been revealed that Johnny has landed a role in J.K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts” Sequel. Life must go on as they say. It is said that he has signed on to star in the next “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.” This will most certainly be one worth watching with Johnny on board.

To Johnny Depp I would like to say:Everyone has ups and downs in life Johnny, and many things are a learning curve. 2016 certainly hasn’t been the best year in your life. But let’s look at it as being the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. I think this role would suit the same persona as Captain Jack Sparrow, so it does have me looking forward to what you can bring to the character you get to play.

Let’s throw out a few cards to see what 2017 could be holding for you.

The Three of Wands
This card shows a new place for you to focus your mind and energy. It is the new role you must play. This is like a breath of fresh air, as it carries your mind out of the stress mode for a while at least. 2016 may not have been your year. But 2017 holds a lot of promise in the career side of your life. Old acquaintances come good to make sure that you are looked after. Good turns should never be forgotten.

The Fool Card
This card is about stepping into the unknown. There appears to be an opportunity to try something completely new. Not your normal persona, but something that is unfamiliar to you. Before you say no, at least give it a try. You could be unlocking a hidden side to yourself that even you are surprised at. Life is all about trying the new and learning from the old. Remember this in the new year.

The Eight of Cups
The lost heart. Here is the part of you that is searching for the holy grail of happiness. It’s something everyone seeks and few truly find. You have the ability to find it because like attracts like. You have a lot of love within, and I mean the genuine deep affection type of love. Leave the past where it belongs, and show that other side of yourself. It will attract a similar energy. This is where you will find what you are looking for.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

Let us look at the new year as a new start. The cards point to your career taking a turn for the better. This will give you the mental energy you need to heal the hurt of the past. Once this is done you can move forward. It’s possible a new and unfamiliar role that is offered mid-year is worth investigating. A new side to Johnny Depp could be hidden in the character. One you could do well to investigate. It’s time to shut down and reboot and update your life. 2017 should be a bright year. It’s good to see you back on our feed Johnny.

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