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Johnny Depp’s Ex Vanessa Paradis listed as a witness in the court drama!


Johnny Depp’s Ex Vanessa Paradis listed as a witness in the court drama!

Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp may not have married but they did have a 14-year relationship and two children. Lily Rose 17, and John 14. Vanessa will be called as a witness for her former partner’s claim that he did not physically abuse Heard during their 15-month marriage. Apparently, Johnny listed 23 people as witnesses in his defence.
The case is due to begin on August 17 and it is hoped that a resolution will be found within a few days. The lawyers involved in the case with fight Johnny and Amber’s respective corners following the much-publicised relationship and subsequent breakup.
Amber will be included on the witness list. The lawyers estimate that she will take four hours to question. There are many allegations!
Heard claimed that Depp was both emotionally and physically abusive towards her throughout their relationship. Depp’s attorney’s response to the claims is that Heard is attempting to secure a speedy financial resolution.


Véronique’s Verdict

I feel that the pain of separation has long gone. In cases such as this, once the lawyers take over then events take on a whole new meaning. When shuffling the cards I was focused on the court case rather than Vanessa, Johnny or Amber. I have to say that the Hermit and the Four of Swords leapt out, also followed by the Tower. Cards that leap out of the deck want to be read. The Hermit belongs to Vanessa Paradis, Johnny’s ex. It is very much a card about introspection and mature deliberation leading to resolution. The Hermit is an open-minded guide and counsellor who does not seek to pass judgement. Vanessa has offered support to Johnny in the best way that an ex-partner can. Fourteen years is a long time. They co-parented two children! Vanessa reportedly sent a wedding gift to Johnny and Amber. A toaster! It may not have been a gift that Vanessa would have personally appreciated herself, but she understood that Johnny’s tastes had changed and as the mother of his children, she wished him all the best with his new relationship. Vanessa will continue to be there for Johnny. She knows what Johnny is, and what he is not. She does not believe that he is capable of the atrocities that he is currently being accused of! The Four of Swords is Johnny’s card. This is very much a card of looking inwardly and strategic withdrawal. Johnny should accept and understand what has happened and take a step back from the chaos. The Four of Swords follows the sorrow and attachment of the Three of Swords. I feel that the unfolding events and allegations have surprised Johnny. He will wait for the chaos and confusion to pass in order that he may learn from this experience and move on in a calm and centred manner. The Tower is very much Amber’s card. There has been a dramatic reversal of fortune for her. Any good work that Amber may have been involved in, is now immaterial. The Tower follows the Devil in the major arcana and this also foretells the consequences of placing exclusive faith in material objects. It can lead to disastrous consequences and may not bring the desired satisfaction. True freedom may not follow for Amber regardless of the financial settlement.

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