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Josh Brolin. Is he comfortable in his own skin?

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin. Is he comfortable in his own skin?

Josh Brolin and his fiancée Kathryn Boyd have been enjoying a ‘back to basics’ getaway in the California desert. Clothes are clearly optional for the 48-year-old actor as he enjoyed letting it all hang out posing in his birthday suit during their vacation. Feet on the table and reclining in a chair, Josh appeared to be enjoying a mystery beverage. His tinkle was covered up thank goodness but we did get to see the bare-chested actor’s happy smiling face as Josh was ‘Desert gazing.’ as captioned by fiancée Kathryn. Life’s simple pleasure’s are obviously very important for the love birds as Kathryn also shared on social media, ‘A tiny trailer big enough for two!’

Of course, not everyone is as comfortable in their own skin as Josh. Having a sense of contentment within the self is reflected in a relaxed and confident manner. The subject of happiness is a recurring theme for 7thsense psychics. What you hold inside is reflected in the eyes, as demonstrated by Mr. Brolin. I’m sure he could give lessons on how to sufficiently feel comfortable in one’s own skin without the need for outside validation. Evidently, little social interaction and minimum technology can lead to happiness and a healthy, positive mindset.

Josh was previously married to actress Diane Lane for nine years before their separated in 2013. He got together with Kathryn a month later, they are engaged to be married.


Véronique’s Verdict


Josh drew the Princess of Wands, the Nine of Pentacles and the Princess of Hearts.

The princess of wands is representative of Josh at this time. Yes indeed! As we may have mentioned before, any one of the 78 cards can represent any one of us through our life’s journey. There is a sense of impulse both in love and anger right now. Josh has a desire to share the love. Something’s got him excited and he doesn’t care who knows about it. I feel that Josh is enjoying down time with his ladylove. He is fired up over a work opportunity and struggling to contain his enthusiasm and spontaneous side, much to the delight of fiancée Kathryn.


The nine of pentacles relates to both emotional and financial abundance. Josh does not have a need to flaunt his wealth and his vacation is somewhat contradictory to what this card implies. Abundance takes many forms and he is really feeling the love right now appearing to be happy beyond measure. I feel that there is a feminine power who has told him to follow his heart and trust in the universe. And trust he does!


The princess of hearts reveals a renaissance within Josh’s relationship. He has a need to enjoy personal leisure time before things become too hectic. Lying around daydreaming is the order of the day right now. Any turbulent times are behind him. Josh is embracing the future with an open heart.

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