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Judge Overturns Rape Conviction

Judge Overturns Rape Conviction

Judge Overturns Rape Conviction

Rape is a serious crime. Most often there are no witnesses, nobody to stop the action before it’s too late. There is no help for the victim. She will be scared for years to come, if not for life. But, as her assaulter isn’t likely to come forward and confess his crime, it’s her word against his.

So, what happens if the man happens to be famous? In New Delhi, people are outraged at the recent overruling of a high-profile rape conviction. The famous Bollywood filmmaker, Mahmood Farooqui was found guilty in 2016 of raping of a Columbia University student. But, instead of having to spend seven years in prison, he is now free to walk.
The appeal was accepted by High Court Judge Ashutosh Kumar on Monday. According to him, Farooqui deserves the ‘benefit of the doubt’, so the case was thrown out. He even doubted the whole thing happened at all. Farooqui was claiming that ‘if anything happened at all, then it was with the woman’s consent’.

Of course, this ‘consent’, or as the judge put it ‘feeble no, which may mean yes’ is rather questionable. The victim has a different story to tell, one where she tried to push Farooqui off herself, but he was stronger. Feeble no? Very unlikely.
But unfortunately, in New Delhi, and many other places on Earth, women still don’t have many rights. If they happen to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time, all they can do is stay quiet. If they speak up, they might end up causing more problems for themselves.
Another appeal is coming, this time from the victim’s part, and in Supreme Court. This case left many people confused and angry, as it defies so many laws and human rights. What could be the reason behind it? And although nothing can compensate the victim, how will she cope with the situation?
Let’s ask the cards.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Ten of Cups: Recalling happy memories is crucial now, until new ones can be obtained. Living in the past isn’t good for the long run, but short term it can help get over all the bad.

Four of Pentacles: This card represents how others see the victim. For her reputation, it is crucial to win this case. Her example won’t be lost among those who can make a difference.

Ace of Wands: The situation might seem like it has no way out, but it’s a blessing in disguise. The old system is failing, and everyone knows that. This was a huge step towards a more consistent and free future for women. It’s “only” a question of time.

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