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Is Justin Timberlake still accessible to Britney Spears?

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Is Justin Timberlake still accessible to Britney Spears?

The former lovebirds have revealed that a collaboration is definitely an option for them in the future. Despite separating many moons ago we still have a wish to link them romantically. Justin is married with a son, and Britney has 2 sons and is twice divorced. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears appeared in the 1990’s as the perfect teenage couple, love’s young dream. They met on The All New Mickey Mouse Club and went on to date for 3 years. When Britney was recently asked in an interview who her dream collaborators were. She threw out a few names. Aerosmith, Gwen Stafani and… none other than the trouser snake himself, Justin Timberlake. Yes the guy she reportedly cheated on and the guy who went on to write the ballad for all break-ups ‘Cry me a River.’ The pop starlet and the popular curly haired boy band singer could end up in double denim again, how exciting!

When Timberlake appeared on Oprah in 2007, he said that he respected Britney and that he had no ill feelings towards her. They have clearly moved on with their respective lives but 34-year-old Britney is dying to get into the studio with Justin and her ex has said that he is ‘absolutely down to collaborate with Britney Spears.’ Justin’s accessible, all Britney’s people have to do is give him a call.

Véronique’s Verdict

So which card do we have for this not so secret assignation? They drew the Ten of Pentacles, the Ten of Hearts and the Six of Hearts. This collaboration is shouting ker-ching at every step but it really is not about the money. What do the cards say?

The Ten of Pentacles is one of the most favorable in the deck. This is not any old collaboration, it’s Justin and Britney and it will be done properly. No shortcuts, no nonsense. There is a sense of history and permanence with this card. Every ‘I’ will be dotted, every ‘t’ will be crossed. Water tight contractual agreements only are required here.

The Ten of Hearts shows improved reputations. Both singers have had many years of experience in the music industry and have proved that by surrounding themselves with the best people for the situation guarantees success.

The Six of Hearts shows the shared history between the two. I feel that much water has gone under the bridge and whether the camera’s are on or off, their energy will be positive. Only fun stories will be up for discussion, no doom or gloom allowed. A collaboration between these two? Let’s give the last word to Justin. ‘Absolutely!’

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